Top 5 Reasons We're Scared of Xbox One

GT, Boo! In the spirit of Halloween, Gametrailers have identified a few spooks with the Xbox One that could make us scared post launch.

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JBallerX1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago ) This is ridiculous. I suppose some are "afraid" of a couple of these. I personally am not, and cannot wait until 11/22.

On a side note: If you don't believe you're being watched and tracked thru your social media and online are mistaken.

CJDUNCAN1849d ago

social media, phone calls, e-mails. i guess people haven't been following the news about the NSA.

mananimal1848d ago


"social media, phone calls, e-mails. i guess people haven't been following the news about the NSA."

I agree CJ, those things are all true, so the attitude is "its ok to add video games " to the list of things YOU CANT DO without the Government potentially Spying on you then?

That's a regretful way to view it, games are fun & a escapism from reality, people don't need the thought of this now not being enjoyed(having the choice to) w/o potential unwanted intrusion's from Big Brother. Its quite ridiculous.

CJDUNCAN1848d ago

I don't think the X1 will be that invasive though. It's being made to seem like the kinect is the ultimate government spy tool, when it's a fact that you don't even have to plug the thing up, plus you can control privacy settings.

I guess we shall see come 11/22

Pogmathoin1849d ago

Jballer, I think the title left out Sony Fanboy...

Red_Devilz1849d ago

Phone calls, social media, text messages etc. can track you. But Kinect wan "watch" you all the time. The real difference here is word "Watch" which means physically, visually record you AND record sound, heart beats etc. to provide an Audio-Video feed to hacker/spy agencies.

This is a LOT scarier than social media/phone call tracking.

jmc88881848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

You should be afraid. Your attitude is not valid. It's actually more like self-destruction.

To you, it's all the same. 1 incursion, a billion incursions. All the same. If we're spied on this much, what's a ton more?

This is so incorrect. Every bit of spying is bad. Every new way of spying in new areas, is even worse.

Spying doesn't make us safer. It actually makes us far less safe.

Kinect2 is far worse then what has come before because it is a vast expansion into new areas, it ties data to people better then anyone else to set a new gold standard of data, and if you aren't made aware of'll be completely oblivious and vulnerable to it.

Microsoft luckily allows people to remove Kinect. Good for them. Anyone who doesn't heed such common sense will be massively exploited. Even though you would be stupid for plugging it in, I still don't think you deserve such treatment. But it will be what you suffer.

A cell phone isn't always facing you, nor always charged. Kinect will be. You will sit right in its sweet spot in fact.

Not all spying is equal. Spying in the home is far worse then spying in the public. Both are not valid, but spying in the home is far worse.

Microsoft plans on using everyone as a data mine guinea pig. Your data will be the new gold standard of data. Why? Because the data they get via the web is circumstantial. They can't be sure who it really belongs to. Was it your brother, your mom, your kid, a neighbor...who knows?

Well Kinect attaches everything you do in purview of the Kinect2 camera, to a face, and that face, has a name and account with Microsoft. It's the new gold standard. Everything linked to a unique face.

They'll know what you wear, who you root for, what you drink...soda..alcohol...whatev er. They know what brand of cigarette you may smoke. Everything put in front of a screen can be logged. Every brand name and logo put in front of it. How much time you spent sedentary. How long you watched TV. So on and so forth.

This data will then be used to advertise to you. Really creepy.

It can tell what politician's lies are resonating with the young people so they may better lie to you. You know during the whole Xbox Presidential debate crap where you get to listen to two wall street prostitutes lie to you. Well these people will help the politicians lie to them better. Awesome feature isn't it? But that's what kinect does, it reads you and your body language, which remember is at least 70 percent of what you communicate.

But it gets worse. Microsoft and thousands of other corporations already trade your data around. But this data will be far better because they can link it to your face. Those thousands of corporations will scoop this up like it's filet Mignon.

Now what can they do with it? Discriminate. Your data is the discrimination of the 21st century. Learn it. Live it. Know it.

jmc88881848d ago

They will sell/trade this info to those thousands of corporations who mean to make or save money off it. It's just business after all. At your expense of course. Thanks to Microsoft, and any other similar device you may allow into your home in the coming years.

Your data will be used against you and not just in a court of law. Any potential employer will know this before hiring you if they want to, and it could sway them.

Or it could sway them after an internal review to let go who they feel may be the most costly to them. They will use their analytics to guess who is most likely to cost the company money.

This info will be sold to all the health insurance companies, life insurance companies, etc, etc. Your data, could cost you your job, or keep you from getting one in the first place. It can be used to double or triple your health insurance, so on and so forth. So many ways to be screwed.

Don't be naive, it will happen, unless it is stopped, because someone can make money off of it. If someone can make money, it's going to be done.

It's not just Kinect. It's also many other devices. Your Smart TV is another great example. I believe it was Samsung who put in their patent that they wanted to advertise couples counseling if they hear people arguing. Think about that for a minute. These devices WILL BE LISTENING. Arguments will be logged and can trigger things.

You think this info won't be subpoenaed like all the phone and web records easily is already during trials? Of course they will be.

All these spy devices are great for the CIA who has called for an 'Internet of Things' to monitor and rat people out. This is happening folks. Don't be morons. They want this and are pushing it... and if you look those devices are coming.

You think people can't make money off knowing what's in your refrigerator? Of course they can. But the CIA/NSA/etc have outright spying in mind as well. This is their plan.

Everything is tapped. EVERYTHING. Every phone call you make. Website you visit. EVERYTHING. Now they want cameras and microphones pointed at you all the time. They also want many other devices like lights and stuff to spy on you. Really crazy crap. But true.

jmc88881848d ago

There's already rumblings of BLACK MAIL based off NSA data. Since after all anyone in the machine has access to your data. You don't need to be a part of the NSA....Edward Snowden never was. Look at all HE GOT. He just as easily could have just been some opportune criminal looking for an easy score.

Facebook is for morons. Sorry it is. You are the product, not facebook. Your DATA is. But most people don't know that. At least many are smart enough to either not use it, or limit what they do on there.

But just because there are some morons, doesn't mean we should all be fudged. There is a real moron argument out there that there is no privacy because some morons post on facebook. No seriously, some people are saying that crap.

But don't you see, with Kinect2 plugged in, it's like you're living facebook. It's like everything you do is posted to 'the wall'. People don't realize this, nor do they gain anything out of it. It's actually even worse then facebook. By a large margin.

While most people are aware not to post various stuff on facebook (that some don't follow), few see the Kinect2 (and other devices) as doing that on steroids. BUT IT IS!

What's worse, is so many people deny it, because they're morons who are dumb enough to think there is no 'conspiracy'. They don't even stop to think it's not only what our gov't is doing, but also what businesses are doing to make money.

Kinect2 truly is a trojan horse. One of the first of many coming, and a real escalation of privacy reduction.

Most newspapers, magazines, local/national news and websites will barely touch what is going on. If you want the truth, read what's on this link, and the links it has which detail everything put forth. Just also know, this isn't everything, and more is coming out every day. But it is a great starter's list. (and the fact that a starter list is so comprehensive should indicate the pressing nature of the issue). I fully expect this list to double within a year.

Good luck people, it's not about one console versus another, it's about a few against ALL OF US.

Remember folks, if they have the balls to tap the personal cell phones of Angela Merkel, Hollande, and just about every world leader in other people's countries, what are they going to fear from you?

The answer should be they fear us the people, but in today's lawless world, they fear nothing.

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Idba1849d ago

RROD wont happen, including it in this video is wrong.

Also if youre afraid of the kinect, turn it off.

fsfsxii1849d ago

I wouldn't be so sure, they keep over clocking the GPU and the CPU because "They can"
Expect the worst considering the overclocking is so close to launch

mananimal1848d ago


"Also if you're afraid of the Kinect, turn it off"

when it comes to "electronics" turning something off doesn't mean its totally off or void of functionality. Without the "choice" to unplug Kinect 2.0 thereby taking away the "electricity" that gives it life, it could still be potentially intrusive.

OrangePowerz1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I can certainly see their fear of DRM coming back. All it needs is a firmware update to activate it again since all consoles are shipped with the feature still present on the console until you download that day one update to deactivate it.

candoa1849d ago

That guy doesn't even know the price of the x1 and we are going to listen to him.

fardan851849d ago

the amount mentioned includes tax.

magnumcox1849d ago

532 with tax not 600 for me

FamilyGuy1848d ago

System + game + tax = $610
$500 + $60 + 50.40 = $610.40

9% tax here in california though you could buy from amazon and get it tax free.

Crypt0ll71849d ago

I hope people who believe stuff like this don't buy an Xbox One, we don't need foolish people on Xbox Live

FITgamer1849d ago

There are already plenty.

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