Witcher 3 should look similar across all platforms, but PCs with NVIDIA cards will have the edge

During Łódź Game Summit 2013 in Poland had a chance to ask CD Projekt RED many questions, one of them being the difference in graphics between powerful PCs and PS4 plus Xbox One. The studio aims to have a similar visual experience in every case and as of yet did not have to sacrifice anything for consoles, but at the same time it confirmed a close working relationship with NVIDIA. While the consoles are based on AMD solutions, some effects may be reserved for PCs with GeForce cards.

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Moncole1848d ago

Bad for me 560ti. I gotta upgrade but I don't need to hury because I mostly play games that don't take a lot of power

LightofDarkness1848d ago

Wait till the 8 series drops sometime in Q1, then buy either buy a midrange Maxwell (should be Titan level performance) or a high end Kepler (770/780). Maxwell looks like it's going to be a pretty massive jump from even the Titan, and AMD look like they're trying to start a price war. Interesting times for GPUs coming soon.

Abriael1848d ago

Same. Can't wait for this game. It's my most anticipated next gen title so far.

TacticAce1848d ago

Bad for me then R9 290X

ATi_Elite1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Seriously that is NOT bad for you R9 290x is a BEAST! LOL

GTX660ti SLI Good for me!
HD7970GE CFX Better for me!

Shuyin1848d ago

Yes y'all, go on, keep messuring dat e peniz.

redey31848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Better for me then, GTX 780 OC.

TedCruzsTaint1848d ago

Same here.
Still a very, very capable card.

jy_mrnd1848d ago

Happy I bought the titan.

ATi_Elite1848d ago

Great for me!

Nvidia 6150 nforce 430 SLI

I should be able to easily run The Witcher 3 on Uber setting 1600p 60fps in 3D!


kingduqc1847d ago

Good for me then

gtx 670

LAWSON721847d ago

Bad for me then,lol
HD 7950

sofocado1847d ago

Bad for me then LOL
AMD A10 5800k APU crossfire with HD6670

tee_bag2421847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Great 780m SLI for me

MuhammadJA1847d ago

good for me then...i hope.


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jay21848d ago

That takes the piss, 2 consoles with ATI cards and the comp gets the better deal :@,

Abriael1848d ago

Same with AC4. It's normal.

majiebeast1848d ago

Nvidia and AMD both moneyhat developers its something we have to deal with.

ProjectVulcan1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

I said it before and I'll say it again, whatever the consoles have inside them matter not to PC gaming.

Intel and Nvidia rule in PC land in market share, console hardware won't change that because it never has. It hasn't mattered in the slightest what has been in the consoles the past 20 years because PC always leads from the front and dictates the direction of videogame technology.

Having CELL or XDR memory in PS3, or eDRAM in 360 and a PowerPC CPU made a sum total of zero difference to PC gaming hardware the past 8 years.

As per usual all that happens is that newer consoles derive more and more from existing PC technology, not the other way around.

The new consoles are perfect case in point. They have never been more like PC derived hardware, x86 CPUs and Radeon based graphics ripped right out of a PC architecture and shoved together on a PC derived APU process.

Dante811847d ago

Intel rules the cpu market, Nvidia does not rule the gpu market(not yet!!). They love to peddle their proprietary crap, sort of like Microsoft.

ProjectVulcan1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Nvidia's GPU market share on PC is over 60 percent for discrete boards. Thats a pretty significant lead. Its been that way since forever so they do rule the GPU market and have done for years like Intel have always dominated the x86 market.

Its ironic you accuse Nvidia of peddling proprietary crap when AMD harped on about mantle for a while now, Nvidia have their own technology IPs same as anyone else, except Nvidia usually get decent support for them without having to pay people to use them because of their aforementioned market share dominance....

Software_Lover1848d ago

It's coming to a point where we are gonna have to treat PC's like consoles. Devs are gonna need to make an Nvidia and AMD (ps3/360) version of the same game.

Jovanian 1848d ago

i don't think we're at that point yet, I don't think pc gaming could survive such extreme hardware polarization, it would be bad for business for both of them

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kcuthbertson1848d ago

Still rocking my gtx 580 from a few years ago. I'll probably build a completely new rig once Maxwell drops though. I love building new systems..there's just something exciting about pressing that power button for the first time knowing that you completely custom built it.

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