‘NBA 2K14’ and ‘NBA Live 14’ next-gen Kobe Bryant character model compared

The Kobe Bryant character models from the next-generation versions of “NBA 2K14” and “NBA Live ‘14” have been compared with screenshots.

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ABeastNamedTariq1849d ago

I don't usually make statements like this, but...

Is there even a comparison? 2K's KB almost looks real.

Come now, lol.

MajorJackHoff1849d ago

I haven't played an NBA game for... Man, idk how long it's been.. But this game looks incredible. I'm going to buy it for the graphics alone, just because I feel like this is the perfect way to show off muh shit.

ABeastNamedTariq1849d ago

Last one I played was 2K12, but I'm definitely picking this up in December or January. I agree, it's the perfect way lol.

d3nworth11849d ago

Last one I played was Live 2005.

Emilio_Estevez1849d ago

Idk if it's just these screens, but 2k wins; no contest.

PR_FROM_OHIO1849d ago

Is this is a joke?? Lol?? EA should be embarrassed that they still can't get it right!!

Baka-akaB1849d ago

WHat's with the blurry NBA Live shots ? Or is the game really that crappy ?

THEDON82z11849d ago

That's what I am tryn to figure out, if that is native game-play then EA needs to not even bother releasing this [email protected]!!!! Whats saddens me is back in the PS2 days I had so many memories with my friends drinking and smoking,betting on games we would all meet up after work and play all-night on Fridays. I could easily come home with a extra 150$. Oh well them days are long gone:(

SuperBlur1849d ago

They've cancelled nba live 11 , 12 , skipped 13 . thats what they managed to make with the little budget they had left.

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The story is too old to be commented.