Batman: Arkham Origins How to Unlock All Costumes

Just like the previous Batman games, you can swap the costumes, now in Batman: Arkham Origins you can also change your outfit skin, also these outfit skins will actually appear in cut-scenes. Find out how you can unlock these new and awesome skins in the game.

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Software_Lover1848d ago

How about "How to get the game not to crash". It's f'n ridiculous. It crashed 4 straight times in the settings menu. I got that sorted out. It has now crashed 10 seconds into the first mission 3 straight times. I just gave up all together.

Deku-Johnny1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

I haven't had it crash but it does keep going really slow when it autosaves and then stays like that until I reset it. I really hope they fix it soon.

sparrowknight1848d ago

well ... what error it say???
may b this will help u..
and also try this as general fix ....

kamikaza1848d ago

You can find all cheats for Batman Arkham Origins here:

Deku-Johnny1848d ago

I just think it's a terrible shame they haven't got the Batman Beyond costume they had in Arkham City, once I'd unlocked that costume it was the only one I wore.