Ryse: Son of Rome Xbox One Controller Layout Revealed

Take a look at Xbox One controller layout of Ryse: Son of Rome.

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Lockon1790d ago

Press A to win.

Sorry couldn't resist >_<.

4Sh0w1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Cool didn't know there was a throw attack button. Looks like theres plenty going on with vary Ryse's combat mechanics.

mikeslemonade1790d ago

The control layout is whatever you see on screen. Just match the buttons.

FlunkinMonkey1790d ago

It's a sad state of affairs when people consider a 'throw attack button' as plenty going on with combat mechanics..

So complex!

4Sh0w1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

No all I said is I didnt know specifically that he had a throw attack. If you actually look at the button layout there is plenty more there to offer varied offensive and defensive attacks so this throw attack combined with all the other button prompts, timing, choosing XP, health, focus, etc and when you consider we also already know theres over 100 executions is why I say as a whole there plenty there in reference to Ryse combat mechanics. I think you know this but as usual looking for anything xbox related to troll. Good job.

FlunkinMonkey1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

What? Trolling, stop getting so defensive over.. I don't even think the game looks that bad, but you are going to be very disappointed if you think this is going to be a rich tapestry of combative combinations.

I couldn't give a shat if you think i'm a troll, i'm here to give me opinion and that's that.. if you don't like it, close your eyes and scoll.

Looks like you are just begging this game to produce the goods after the consistently bad press surrounding its gameplay.

EDIT: Bahaha, i've just looked at your comment history, and i guess if i'm a 'troll' then you are most certainly a green eyed troll stuck under a bridge.. dear god, how pathetic. Don't preach nonsense to me.

4Sh0w1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

No you're in a article about a game you're always hating on and tried to pin my comment as saying 1 mechanic is plenty going on. You were wrong and like most trolls you just hate on anybody who is positively looking forward to a game you hope sucks. Of course you are predicting dissapointment: Oh wow I'm shocked you think so! I dont follow any game I dont like, your history is like most sonyfanboys yet here you are in here as if anybody cares what you think about X1 games.

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2cents1790d ago

I got to play ryse for over an hour last night and it was absolutely brilliant!

The fighting mechanics are very robust and extremely challenging once your past the first wave of enemy. This game is absolutely brutal and beautiful at the same time!

AceBlazer131790d ago

controls are more or less exactly what I expected

whitefang19881790d ago

I'm playing batman arkham origins right now, I hope the combat is as good on ryse :-)

mhunterjr1790d ago

It's so silly that folks are still making these qte fest claims..

MusashiBlack1790d ago

I played the multiplayer of ryse and it is great!!! It took me a while
To get the hang of it. But in the the beginning you pick a "God" give you
Powers in combat, you try to survive waves of people as you do missions
Definitely not press A to win.

GusBricker1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Do you get special powers from this "god" like in Ascend: Hand of Kul?