Xbox One: Official Live Tv Integration Features -- [1080p]

Video interview with Yusuf Mehdi on Xbox Live TV.

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P0werVR1877d ago

I for one will be using this for sure.

Future proof!

UltimateMaster1875d ago

Tv will be an essential part of the Xbox Experience.

AngelicIceDiamond1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Sits back and waits for the Zombie hoard known as PS fanboys to do what they do best and ruin this X1 article.


This is very innovative I must say. I really hope MS delivers with this supposed "All In One" console.

WeAreLegion1877d ago

Go turn your television on to preview this feature early.

jackanderson19851877d ago

didn't know my tv could skype... or snap two programmes at the same time..

MazzingerZ1877d ago

People don't realize MSFT is only after selling the console to XBLG buyers, the whole revenue for them, multiplatform publisher provides the gaming part, forget about exclusives this gen, more than 1 or 2 per year, last years of the X360 are the X1 future within 2 years.

Why would MSFT invest lots of money in games and risk lose money if they get your granny to pay for XBLG?

Are multis enough for people and their stuff is TV then X1 is a good choice

Personally, don't watch TV at all nor news, I watch only movies and play games, I like to have full control over my entertainment

Pogmathoin1877d ago

Yes, people, listen to mazzinger, hes right, switch to Sony, they care about you, want you to be so happy. Every few years they will think of you and bring out a new media format for you to invest in, they will offer you freebies though. However if that format does not take off, your on your own... do not go MS, they will shaft you.

BBBirdistheWord1877d ago

This sounds really interesting.

I like the snapping of skype so I can watch sports or whatever while video calling with buddies... that's a great idea!

I live in Australia, though and i hope all this magic is not just for the US of A. It would suck for other countries to miss out on this stuff.

Getting excited about this box for sure!

MRMagoo1231877d ago

from what i have heard from an EB manager the TV applications wont be available in Australia at launch and they arent sure when they will be.

colonel1791877d ago

I genuinely don't understand this TV feature. You still have to have your cable box, so what's different? I know the Xbox puts a layout over the TV, but my TV already does that.

I am sorry, but for me it sounds absurd to use the Xbox for watching TV, when you have your tv for watching TV. It sounds redundant, like for example, your TV has netflix, your Xbox has netflix, your bluray player has netflix. At most you're just having a choice on which device you use it.

The same might be true for TV feature on Xbox.

If someone could tell me what are the benefits of having your cable box to the Xbox, because I don't see them.

mhunterjr1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

sure. the way I see it, being able to interface with the tv allows the xbox one to act as universal remote for every device in your living room, and it's personalized for everyone in the house. IMO, the extra $100 is a steal for a good universal remote.

In addition to that, the snap feature coupled with the tv feature can allow for an augmented tv experience. Maybe that means skyping your friend after a crazy sports play. Maybe that means actually accruing points as you play along with a game show. Maybe that means winning a reward for guessing what will happen when walking dead returns from commercial break. It has the potential to make passive tv watching more interactive.

Whether those kinds of things interests a large number of gamers remains to be seen. But it certainly interests me.

ShowanW1877d ago

Don't think of just watching TV with it alone.. if anyone remembers 1vs100 now imagine that with real life game shows.. think about when the elections come up and you bet to voice opinions with others who are on the Xbox One and watching the same thing...

Don't look at it as just watching TV, but having some interaction and participation of what's going on, on the screen...

CYCLEGAMER1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Like showan said, don't think of it as JUST to watch tv. It's an integration of tv, to go along with everything else.

I may not ever have to use a remote again, I could seamlessly go from playing COD or Battlefield to watching tv while waiting for the match to start. Then while watching tv, the xbox will tell me that my match is about to start, then I can instantly switch back to the game.

No one is buying the system so that they can "watch tv" its the interaction and coolnes of being able to instantly switch between inputs without having to find a remote, and being able to make things easier and quicker for the user.

ShowanW1877d ago

@MazzingerZ... Microsoft says they are putting $1-billion towards games for next gen. I'm not sure how much goes towards each game, but that's a lot of loot. That can be 10games at $100-million each.. or 20-games at $50-million each.. or a ton of loot just thrown at 3rd parties studios to get exclusive rights on games...

I believe the TV integration also pulls in Hulu and Netflix content as well... but I could be dead wrong on this part...

paranoid19711877d ago

Don't forget that $1 billion is also for timed exclusives and DLC

kewlkat0071877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Can't wait..

That's gaming, entertainment,innovation, future proofing, dedicated One box.

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tigertom531877d ago

still requires that you have your cell phone to use this feature, on top of that doesn't have all the other integrated features of combining skype, gameplay and still get notification while you watch tv...

kingdip901877d ago

Combined features still not worth $500...

tigertom531876d ago

well I look at it as 100 dollars for kinect and the extra functions...

tigertom531876d ago

plus you get P90x, Insanity and many more fitness titles and games and integration.

KwietStorm1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I hadn't given it much thought before, but with the deeply integrated TV features in the system, to the point that the cable box is actually connected to it, with a running UI, doesn't this propose a situation where our xbox is always on? And I don't mean any kind of pun, I mean like you end a gaming session, switch to TV for another ____ amount of hours, but the box obviously is still running. Isn't this worrisome for anyone?

badkolo1877d ago

no becuase it was designed to be on for 10 years

KwietStorm1877d ago

Constantly? It was designed to constantly be on for 10 years?

BBBirdistheWord1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

@ kwiet

MS really wants this box to be the centre of the living room and it looks like they have designed the hardware with constant use in mind, for ten years, no less!


1877d ago
jackanderson19851877d ago

well it's rumoured it can be on for 10 years on the go so

mhunterjr1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Not really worrisome,I think that's always been the idea. In fact the term 'always on' has been a huge part of their marketing campaign... it's also why they've put some much effort into its variable power states.

moodymofo1877d ago

yea i made a comment before about this .im a ps guy but ive been thinkin about gettin an x1 later but the thought of leaving the system on all the time just seems to be askin for heating problems i meen like in my house it could literally be on 16 hours a day or more ill wait for a while before i get a x1 and see how reliable it is under heavy daily use before i get 1

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TheSaint1877d ago

I'll watch TV on my TV and save some electricity.

Someone explain to me how this isn't superfluous. It's not even a DVR which would have made it worthwhile.

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badkolo1877d ago

you can still use your dvr for that through x1