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Dark Souls is something that feel very much like a product of generations long past. A game that makes succeeding hard and something only achievable by dedication mixed with a high amount of trial and error, in that respect you it harkens back to games like Megaman or Ghouls and Ghosts for example; both very hard games for their and even harder by todays and Dark Souls feels like an evolution of the “this game doesn’t want you to win” formula.

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joab7771847d ago

One of the best games of this generation. It is the players story, immersion is unreal b/c of the environment, freedom, lack of handholding and customization. It is bery rewarding. In the age of games that simply take u for a actually feel like you are the reason for the progression...not b/c the story goes in a particualr direction. Is it hard? Not if u dour homework, r patient, and willing to learn from ur mistakes. This games stands almost entirely alone as a triple A title that has meat on its bone. Everyone who owned the original nintendo and loves rpgs should not miss this game. I haf a hard time playing another game after dark souls.

darren_poolies1847d ago

One of the best games ever* ;)

garos821847d ago

In my top 5 games this gen dark and demon souls.
Absolute masterpieces

monkey6021847d ago

One of my all time favourites. So many of my friends now share my obsession too. Dark Souls is one of those talk about it games. A lot of friends within my group didn't like it at first but because of those of us that did love it and couldn't shut up about it. They would strive to beat whatever was holding them back and ended up amazed by the world and it's rewarding and yet punishing nature

Kinger89381846d ago

Im really enjoying it, just heading in to Blight town which ive heard not so good things about :P

Soo imersive and the boss fights are just exhilerating, nearly have a heart attack when you finally take one out after several attempts :) really hope ds2 comes to ps4 at some point but im keeping ps3 anyway so if not ill get it on there

Muadiib1846d ago

Defo worth more than 85% that's for sure, game of this generation for me I reckon, I'd give it at least a 95%, it's a shame many people let the difficulty put them off such a masterpiece of a game, as once you get used to the game it becomes more than manageable.