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Friday Night Rant: Prequel Hurts Batman, All Prequels Must Die

OnlySP: When was the last time a prequel actually worked out well? For one thing I can’t fathom the purpose of taking a franchise that has been on a hot streak and trying to jam pack a bunch of crap into the back story. Why would any of that even matter? I already know the later fate of the characters, universe, or world so by doing a prequel you automatically remove a portion of the uncertainty each new entry brings.

Removing storyline uncertainty makes things… safe. There isn’t much reason to be interested in what is happening in the first place, and if that weren’t enough we often get subjected to asinine changes meant to alleviate or distract from the fact that the game is an obvious end gen cash-in. (Batman: Arkham Origins, Gears of War Judgment, God of War: Ascension, Industry)

-Foxtrot  +   259d ago
Down with this sort of thing


Careful now


No but seriously this prequel stuff needs to stop, it's the same for films aswel.
Godmars290  +   259d ago
"When was the last time a prequel actually worked out well?"
Arkham City. Sequel to Arkham Asylum.

Whatever else you had to say after that is invalid.
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PockyKing  +   259d ago
Way to be a smartass.. and I hope you know that's not the type of prequel he's writing about..It's about trilogies being made and then going back to create a prequel. I understand Origins isn't part of a trilogy, but it's still going "back" and for the last year the only thing we've seen is a drop in quality in the franchises that do that.
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Benjammin25  +   259d ago
Metal Gear Solid 3 is my personal favourite of the series.
NukaCola  +   259d ago
MGS 3 isn't a prequel though. The lineage of the MGS saga is told out of order.
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Parapraxis  +   259d ago
Star Wars IV, V, VI
Flyingdog670  +   259d ago
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep was a great prequel :) Prequels can be done right if just given enough effort and thinking to it.
likeaboss302  +   259d ago
Resident Evil 0 was a pretty good game.
BX81  +   259d ago
I'm liking the game so far.
Jasimulator  +   259d ago
I get the sense that everyone reviewing this game is looking for it's flaws, knowing that Rocksteady didn't make this one, although no one could come up with a deal-breaker, which to me points at a great game, because I'll judge it for what it is.
Tontus  +   256d ago
God of War: Chains of Olympus is the most critically acclaimed PSP game, also sold like 3.5m. Prequels can be good, it's a shame multiplayer crippled God of War: Ascensions single player although it is still a good game.

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