You Can Play the PS4 Without Day One Update

Gameranx: "Sony's President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida confirmed on Twitter that you can play your PlayStaion 4 without ever connecting to the internet. Thus, the Day One update is not required for the console to function."

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xHeavYx1852d ago

That's cool, you can play for 2-3 days in a row and when you can't stay awake anymore, then you download the update

TheFutureIsBlue1852d ago

Lol, 2-3 days in a row? I can see everyone now...

"The burns!!!"

mistertwoturbo1852d ago


I haven't laughed at anything in awhile, but that did it for me.

Seeing as how I work grave shift, that's pretty much how I am everyday.

TheFutureIsBlue1852d ago


I use to work night shift. 7pm-7am. I know how it feels bro! It took me 3 years to get on day shift. Can't wait for the ps4 to better our crappy lives lol.

Pogmathoin1852d ago

Agreed, that 7-7 shift was horrible, especially when all my mates would be at the pub watching a big game!!

tiffac0081852d ago

You think that's bad try working from 7pm to 7am. While others are partying or sleeping, your up working and then you get a schedule for the weekends.

Now that is a life killer. lol!

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mdluffy1852d ago

A lot of people would die if they did that, skipping sleep is not something cool or safe for your health!

stavrami1852d ago

responsibility awaits !!!

xHeavYx1852d ago

Obviously I was joking, I personally sleep at least 8 hours a day

HmongAmerican1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Which is why I quit my graveyard shift. I can't sleep during the day. It mess up my body clock and I just not productive during work hours.

Pogmathoin1852d ago

Pretty sure Sony did not want that when saying greatness awaits.... They do not want people dropping.... Then rags like the Sun, Mirror would have headlines like Death awaits!!!! So game on responsibly.....

sobekflakmonkey1852d ago

I skip sleep all the time and im ffinninno/;hj;ao.S

tiffac0081852d ago


Dude your comment reminded me of this banned "Original Xbox" commercial. ROFL!

saikorican1851d ago

Staying up 2-3 days once does not equal death, if that was true then I would have died at least 4 times!

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thehitman1852d ago

Meh dont be lazy dl the update if you can to get the full features and glory.

Deadpoolio1852d ago

Cause it takes so long to download a 300mb patch? Maybe it's because I have FiOS, but that would take my internet all of about 5 seconds. All it's doing is initiating all the online services

SpitFireAce851852d ago

I have the 15th-22nd of Nov off so ill try and play
2-3 Days straight.

BTW i had a cousin of mine play So long that his
eyes got so irritated that he wore sunglasses
so he can continue to play.

Oh_Yeah1852d ago

Or if your not a big online gamer, keep it on the day one firmware, cuz when ps4 gets hacked it'll most likely be on that firmware.

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BitbyDeath1852d ago

Would be clarification due to not all upcoming consoles being able to do this.

mt1851d ago

+ people ask those kind of obvious questions.

GiggMan1852d ago

Who doubted this? I mean come on... What company would release a system that required you to download a patch to play it day one??? o_0

xenz1852d ago

Microsoft with their Xbox One.

Deadpoolio1852d ago

You can't even play Forza till you go home and download the other half of the game.

sigfredod1852d ago

lol you made me laugh bubs up, on topic i can see xbone buyers without internet access going to a neighbor or free wi fi hotspot to be able to play on his xbone

Godmars2901852d ago

And either bringing a monitor with them or managing to use one which happens to be there.

Just wonder what's going to happen first: the Onion does a fake story about someone having to lug their 60" TV along with their XB1 into a Starbucks, or there's a real story about the same thing.

Campy da Camper1852d ago

@godmars. That is fricking hilarious.

Faztkiller1852d ago

Don't you have to download one on xbox one before you can play? Or were you being sarcastic? Lol

n4rc1852d ago


So you can't play online, use remote play, play blurays or anything else...

But you can play single player games! Ya.. Nobody is downloading that update on day 1.. Lol

BBBirdistheWord1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )


How on earth did you get disagrees for stating fact?
Is it potentially due to the fact that you did not spin this mandatory day one ps4 update into a positive?

Only on N4g.


Outside_ofthe_Box1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

***"How on earth did you get disagrees for stating fact? Is it potentially due to the fact that you did not spin this mandatory day one ps4 update into a positive?"***

Two things...

1. He's spinning it to a negative you mean. This is positive news no matter how you slice it buddy. Only a fanboy would spin this into a negative.

2. ***"Ya.. Nobody is downloading that update on day 1.. Lol"***

How is that sarcastic statement *fact*? Hmmm? People who do not have internet will not be downloading the update on day 1... because they can't. Now that's a true fact.

Brix901852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Don't you got a ditch somewhere you got to go throw yourself [email protected] must jealously love Sony because he always on these articles.

n4rc1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Please find me one person buying either console that doesn't ha e internet..

Go on, I'll wait...

Nobody... That's who.. Stop using hypothetical people to make some case for you..

And having a day one update that unlocks all the features they have been selling for 8 months.. Yeah, how could I have missed all the positivity in that!?

Only a fanboy would make excuses for this... Sony didn't have to rewrite virtually all their software after e3.. So what's the hold up?

How was remote play demoed way back when if it wasn't ready until recently? Staged demos perhaps?

And yeah... This is probably the 3rd sony thread I have bothered to comment on... At least I wait for official news and not trolling rumors and speculation threads

Outside_ofthe_Box1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Is it really hard to believe that there will be people buying consoles that either don't have internet or won't bother connecting their console internet because they choose not to lol? How many Live accounts out of how many 360's sold are there again? It isn't 100% right? Thought so. The notion that EVERY single person buying the PS4 either has internet or plans on connecting their system to the internet is far less unlikely.

***"And having a day one update that unlocks all the features they have been selling for 8 months.. Yeah, how could I have missed all the positivity in that!?"***

I was referring to the topic at hand. Are you trying to say that having the option to not download a patch is a negative thing to allow?

n4rc1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Yeah.. And how many of those use xbl family accounts?

And how many were bought for 199 years after release... Were talking 400-500 day 1 here... I dont know one single person that is or would buy one of these any time soon that doesnt have internet.

And we certainly wont hear from them

There are a few probably somewhere.. But thr massive minority simply doesnt matter..

Edit.. I never said that.. I said with virtually every selling feature not available, playing without it is almost irrelevant.. 99.9% will download it.. Its in no way a positive.. And is actually rather telling of Sonys progress IMO.. But day one updates are the norm in this industry.. Its not really an issue.. But its fun to rile up the fanboys by adding some perspective to their love in.. Lol.. Not really to you tho, your OK

MikeGdaGod1852d ago

if it's normal for games to have day one patches why would consoles be any different?

mxrider21991852d ago

n4rc still in denial he has too download a patch before he can insert his disc so he can dl another patch to play on xbox

MasterCornholio1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I know several people who don't have any internet connections in their homes especially the ones that live in the villages of Extramadura.

P.S yes several cousins of mine from that region are getting a PS4 because they don't have an internet connection. And they will probably end up installing the update from a USB drive or a game disk.

Nexus 7 2013

2cents1852d ago

I can't believe you people are arguing about this.

'The pot calling the kettle black' springs to mind, what a waste of energy your all putting into this. Both consoles are desperately competing and both are doing their best to get the consoles ready for launch.

The Xbox patch was mandatory due to the policy reversal, the playstation patch is necessary to complete its functionality. What's the big deal?

Outside_ofthe_Box1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Well, personally I'm not getting it at launch, but if were to I wouldn't be able to connect it to the internet at the moment because I'm currently at college. For some reason this semester we can't connect our systems to the internet even though in past we've been able to do so with no problem at all. So if I or anyone on campus were to get the PS4 at launch at least we could game on it which is why I say this isn't a negative.

I agree that there are some if not all of the features being add/unlocked via patch shouldn't require the patch in the first place. But then again a lot of the features being added requires internet connection anyways and things such as Blu-Ray being added to the console via patch has me scratching my head a bit as I don't see the reason why you'd need a patch for it to work. Has me wondering if Sony might have locked it on purpose for whatever motive they may have for doing so.

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JimmyLmao1852d ago

I never doubted it, but a bunch of fanboys were arguing about it in the IGN comment section, so i decided to ask Shu Yoshida the question on twitter and he replied to me *fangirl screams*

Brix901852d ago

Can't stand commenting on IGN to much children....

bigboirock1852d ago

Om something wrong here you need to up date to play blue rays . Isn't the game made on Blu-ray Disks so wouldn't you have to update to play games?? Just saying

Loghorn1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

"Who doubted this?"

The Xbox drone idiots who can't read & automatically assume that the update is for playing games.

"What company would release a system that required you to download a patch to play it day one???"

Apparently Microsoft.

quanji1851d ago

You realize though that you can't play DVDs or Blu-rays without the day-one patch:

Make sure to check full press release at bottom of page to see all the features that will be enabled with the patch.

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cell9891852d ago

Ill just let it update right away, but Im glad you wont have to do the patch in order to play your games, like other systems do..

Omar911852d ago

Can't you just let the patch update in the background while your checking out the interface or playing a game? This is what I am most excited for the ability to just not have to worry about patches anymore