GameSpy: The Bourne Conspiracy Preview

After the first couple of levels, The Bourne Conspiracy has proven itself to be a surprisingly cinematic brawling experience. Part of this is due to the superior camera work that suffuses every fisticuff-tastic encounter, but the bulk of what makes the combat in Bourne so intriguing is the raw impact contained within every swing. When Jason Bourne socks somebody in the gut it sounds like Rocky Balboa going to town on a frozen side of beef, which is great because the guy punches just about everything in sight... or kicks it in the groin or pulls its arm into a painful-looking elbow lock or jabs it in the larynx.

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tahersaid3884d ago

i think it is gonna be awesome

himdeel3884d ago

...what the control scheme will be. It looks great but I wonder will I be pulling off these wonderful grappling and attack moves myself or will I be guiding him through a series of in game cut scenes by pressing a button at the correct time. I'm intrigued nonetheless.