Battlefield 4 Kinect Settings Show A Bunch Of Options And Voice Commands

Battlefield 4 is just a few days away to be launched. Since Battlefield 4 is coming to Xbox platforms, Kinect has been integrated with Battlefield 4. Kinect can be used to play Battlefield 4 in conjunction with the controller. Kinect is a motion sensing input device by Microsoft which competes with PlayStation Move and Nintendo's Wii Remote. It is a webcam styled device and set the record for the "fastest selling consumer electronics device" after selling 8 million units in its first 60 days.

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MorePowerOfGreen1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Beats yelling at the TV wanting Ammo or a ride in vein. Now we get something for doing what we already do LOL. So no pointing or looking for a person that has what you need resulting in taking your eye off of the enemy? Cool.

Good news for this console because the new command system sucks. At least in the beta it did, too many(new commands) to scroll through resulting in your death for sure.

JokesOnYou1852d ago

Some pretty cool Options in BF4 X1 version due to Kinect.

Voice Commands
Leaning Enabled
Leaning Sensitivity
Headtracking Enabled
Freelooking Sensitivity

christocolus1851d ago

yup pretty cool...some of the advantages of having kinect bundled in.

Bigpappy1852d ago

Dice recently said that they with not use M$ compute servers because they want the same experience across all platforms. Now they went ahead and did this. Am I to assume they will do the same for the PlayStation Cam, even though it is separate?

Yetter1851d ago

Seems like they would have mentioned it if that was the case. I have had absolutely zero experience with the new PSeye but if I had to guess I would say it doesn't achieve the same results the new kinect will

Palaven1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Wow, some of these Kinect features sound awesome.

I don't think we have heard anything about PlayStation Cam support, whenever Kinect features are discussed it isn't mentioned.

titletownrelo1851d ago

I want a next gen Iron Man game, where I can talk to my own Jarvis

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Dlacy13g1852d ago

The head tracking and lean have me interested as well...

Yetter1851d ago

I've been dying for a lean feature that utilizes the kinect forever. Thank you DICE

MrCastle1852d ago

Skyrim had THE BEST Kinect support so far. It is the #1 reason I am buying Xbox one.

jmc88881852d ago

If you mean the voice controls, the PS4 standard headset can do them. You don't need Kinect for that.

Now...whether or not this game supports it is TBD. But if there's voice commands for Kinect2 with say Elder Scrolls VI....there should be voice controls with PS4 without the need of a camera.

Killjoy30001852d ago

The Playstation Eye supports voice commands as well, and incorporates a 4-way directional microphone and facial tracking. Kinect features on multiplatform games can easily be ported over to PS4 versions.

MrCastle1852d ago

I just meant that the Kinect in general is the reason Im buying Xbox One. I hope that PS4 Developers utilize voice commands in their games. It is the Ultimate Button!
With Xbox Kinect, Developers will have to take notice since its in every box. ;)

XboxFun1852d ago

Is there voice controls for BF4 like they have for Xbox One? because that would be awesome if they had it too.

Belking1851d ago

Sorry dude but kinect voice tech destroys what Sony has. They aren't even close to the same thing. We haven't even seen one demo of ps4 eye using voice. What you fail to realize is that kinect sdk is part of xb1 sdk. So they don't need to write code for voice. Sony doesn't offer that and devs have to do it themselves. That's one of the reasons kinect is included in the package. It makes it easier for devs to support it.

Yetter1851d ago

What you are saying is half true. Yes, voice commands have been possible for a long time and have been incorporated into games before the kinect sensor was developed. The difference is that the voice recognition software/library is built into the device which means a studio doesn't have to develop their own or license someone elses. They just need to opt in to use it.

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HugoDrax1851d ago

I used KINECT throughout Mass Effect 3 :-), was interesting and functioned 95% of the time. I would say....

"Singularity!, Open!, hahahaha!

Jovanian 1852d ago

thats pretty sweet, but if a teammate is too oblivious to not realize a teammate in need then I doubt even voice commands will get them to toss you that precious ammo or health kit

Naga1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

A lot of the time in BF3, people are in private chats and therefore might not hear you asking in-game. Voice commands which activate the icon on your character can actually be a pretty nifty way around this problem.

But... Like you were getting at, that all depends on how oblivious they may or may not be.

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