'Batman: Arkham Origins' Patch Will Improve Framerate on the PS3

8CN: Warner Bros has revealed that a new patch for Batman: Arkham Origins has been submitted that should help with the PS3 framerate issues.

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KwietStorm1851d ago

Don't know why it wasn't already released, but tthank God it's been addressed, becaused it drops down to like 2 frames a second at times, when the previous two games ran flawlessly throughout.

static52451851d ago

I've been playing it on the 360 and it is SO glitchy. Console has crashed a few times, have to play offline and there was just random glitches throughout the game. The last straw for me was that I played for like 9 hours and i went back to the main menu and my save was corrupted.

Just like Assassins Creed 3 its an awesome game but the Bugs are too many to keep the game right now. Trading it in to get Pre-Order for BF4

KwietStorm1851d ago

Really that bad? Now I don't even want to continue. This and GTA were already my last hurrah for this generation, and I'm ready to just move on. I feel I need a refresh to get me excited again for new games.

Pintheshadows1851d ago

It is weird. Yesterday I played for hours on end with basically no issues (a few but not like this). Tonight however it is dropping frames like crazy and the orange light on the front of my PS3 slim has been going nuts and for a majority of it has been solid orange. This is after installing 1.01 which I didn't do intially. Kind of wish I hadn't now but I wanted to enter my DLC codes for Deathstroke. Shame I was really getting into it.

Skate-AK1851d ago

Have you started fast traveling more? The dev said to lay off fast traveling a lot until the patch is live.

Pintheshadows1851d ago

No, I haven't, that is the thing. I removed the 1.01 update and things got better immediately for me so something in their is messing it up. Seems like they have identified it though.

BG115791849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I've removed the update and ceased using fast travel. The game doesn't have any frame-drops anymore.
Thanks. I hope they'll fix this in the future.

Oh yes, and Bubble up for the two of you for the help.

xander707691850d ago

Also this game has noticeable screen tearing. Not too bad in actual gameplay, but it's there, and the cutscenes oh god. Plagued with screen tearing.

Games need to include vsync as an optional feature players can choose to have on or off, and honestly if a game can't run decent frames with Vsync enabled then it either needs more development or it is simply pushing the hardware too much.

deadfrag1850d ago


BG115791849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I arrive to a point where the game is unplayable.
That's how bad it is.
They really did a bad job this time.
I really don't understand, how they could screw this up so much. :/

Skate-AK1849d ago

They submitted a fix for it. Sony has to pass it through certification. Patch will probably arrive in a week or less.