UGO: Warhammer Battle March Preview

UGO writes: "There are a few realms of geekiness that the mainstream gaming population tends to shy away from. Usually these are all products sold at hobby stores, things like Magic Cards and D&D books-products that require you learn an (expensive) system of play before engaging it. A feat that, by itself, is never as simple as the casual player wants it to be, and often times alienating as a result.

Warhammer is no exception to that rule. In fact, Warhammer miniatures are known to cost wagon-loads of cash, not to mention the time commitment that goes in to painting and customizing each individual figure. And then what? You still need a friend who's willing to give up his money/time to do the same and learn all the rules of the tactical tabletop war game. It's a huge investment on a game that you're not even sure if you'll enjoy."

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