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The Vita Lounge - I grew up in the platforming era. Once the 2D generation had ended and the 3D generation began games started to get grittier and more realistic. By the time we hit Playstation 3 territory even platform pros such as Naughty Dog got serious. Outside of Ratchet & Clank the gaming scene is by and large in a generation of action, shooting (I know Ratchet & Clank have lots of action and shooting but their roots lie in platforming) and racing games. When Paul (thanks mate!) gave me a preview copy of Tearaway to have a go at, I was almost uncontrollable with excitement. Developed by Media Molecule who, despite only being formed in 2006 have already won “Game of the Year” awards with the LittleBigPlanet franchise, Tearaway is a clear attempt to bring the joy of platforming back to the forefront of our mind; the light hearted, simpler times where the aim was to get from A to B while collecting C, D and E and discovering F, G and H on the way.

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GdaTyler1880d ago

Still cannot load this site. :/

assassin2k1880d ago

Unfortunately we've had a few problems with traffic slowing the site down but we're working to fix it. Keep trying!

GribbleGrunger1879d ago

This is all you need for now:

"The bottom line is this folks, unless Media Molecule screw the rest of the game up (very unlikely) we could be getting another “Game of the Year” contender. Yes, it’s that good. We will of course give you the full review as soon as the title is released next month."

Shinobi1001880d ago

This is a really well written preview. But is there any point in reading these? We all knew this game was gonna be good the second we heard who was developing it. Elite companies make good games. Which is the Vita's problem. There are scarce elite companies working on AAA games for it

dafegamer1880d ago

this^^ never underestimate Media molecule, thats like doubting Naughty Dog or Nintendo EAD

WeAreLegion1879d ago

Media Molecule may be as revered as Naughty Dog, Valve, or Kojima some day. :) I absolutely love this team!

b-dash1879d ago

This is the cutest fresh game of the year

GdaTyler1879d ago

Site loading for the first time for me!!!!