Call of Duty Ghosts Will Have A Dual Digital License Available Across Both Xbox 360 And Xbox One

It seems there is already a digital version of Call of Duty Ghosts upcoming with a dual license for Xbox 360 and Xbox One which comes with a free COD branded scarf.

Q. When I upgrade from digital download for Xbox 360 to digital download for Xbox One, will my digital Xbox 360 game license be deactivated?

A. No, Xbox 360 game license will not be deactivated. Both game licenses will be retained.

This essentially means that should you buy the license, you will be buying the game for both consoles simultaneously. Sweet idea?

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Septic1544d ago

Pretty cool but still a bit too dear at £65 no?

GaminGuys1543d ago

I don't know mate, both games would cost far more in physical format. Guess it's a case of 'Do you want to leave friends behind on Xbox 360' huh

u got owned1543d ago

This really nice, if you are buying an XBO but want to wait a few months after launch to do so.

THamm1543d ago

Wish I could go from 360 to PS4 somehow, since I don't wanna give up XBL

Dlacy13g1543d ago

That is a nice offering for those thinking they might want both versions (and keep both).

dontbhatin1543d ago

Well Activision isnt as greedy as i thought.

zero_gamer1543d ago

Will they offer this for PS3/PS4?

RadioActiveTwinky1543d ago

For the Sony platform the physical games come with a code. Then you have to use the ps3 disk on your ps4 as activation. Meaning you keeo your ps3 disk. To prevent trading in your ps3 physical copy of the game.
Look up shui tweets on the matter.

edwick1543d ago

i know if you buy it digitally for the ps3, and upgrade to the ps4 version when that is available for $9.99, you retain both versions.

Pancit_Canton1543d ago

Well activision needs to make an incentives to make up for that 720p resolution on the Xbone. Both version on the Xbone and X360 are native 720p. A direct port and a complete replica of each version.

MorePowerOfGreen1543d ago

I thought Infinity Ward told Eurogamer both version are 1080p and 60fps? Are you referring to that stupid rumor?

u got owned1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

@ MorePowerOfGreen

Although i agree with you. The fact that they haven't talked about it, while Sony already confirmed 1080p for PS4 leads to believe the game is not running 1080p at the moment on XBO. This is a rumor which is very easy to debunk but MS wont do it. I wonder why...?

PawnSacrifice1543d ago

I think he is, I read an article from IW (last night) that said they had Ghosts pumping on a 4k tv using the XOne, (note: they were USING a 4k tv, I'm not saying it was RUNNING in 4k)
The same page also said that if Forza can pump 1080p @ 60 then that alone is proof that it's simply the developers inexperience with the new console. And that at the beginning of the last gen, the same prob existed.
Check the back of your old 2006 games, their all 1080i or 720p, it wasn't until the developers got familiar with the consoles the Rez increased.

Skate-AK1543d ago

Ghosts won't even be 720p on PS3 or 360.

Funantic11543d ago

Good point cause Black Ops 2 is 1080p on the 360.

n4rc1543d ago

As far as I know... Cod has been running sub-720 since mw2

Cueil1543d ago

in the future it's likely that no game will ever run at a constant resolution on the Xbox One... it's a feature that'll likely not be used until the second and third wave of games though

GadgetGooch1543d ago

Even though nothing has been confirmed yet? Plus the fact that 3rd party devs/pubs only have the power to release that sort of info not Microsoft/Sony..if Sony has revealed it then Activision would have released that info to them..

FlyShootRaceSims1543d ago

This idiot is now stating a rumor as fact! If MS decides not to disclose anything about a game regardless if they are privy to the info or not is their choice. People that are complaining in general are the same people that are not getting the Xbox one in the first place. Same shit, different N4G day.

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