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Impressions From Six PS4 Demo Titles, Controller, and UI | HDD

The demo PS4 unit provides an in-depth preview for launch day.
Impressions from two recent sessions with the local PlayStation 4 demo unit, provided a look at six games, the controller, and the overall console experience. (PS4)

JoGam  +   555d ago
The UI is a custom UI just for the Demo. Does not represent the final product. Sony just release the Firmware update notes the adds more features also. Update release NOV 15th in US and 22nd I believe in Europe.

Everyday is a Playstation Day!
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NukaCola  +   555d ago
This no named jackass with his nonamed site is the one to trust /s

Come on people. This was written like he never even played these games. Where is the other previews reporting all these so called "fails"?
Eonjay  +   555d ago
Actually when read in context and in its totality, he gives a very glowing review of the system. He said what he like and what he doesn't like. He expressed his love for the DS4.

His comments about the UI shouldn't be taken too seriously. His major complaint wasn't about the UI itself, it was having to see a twenty second loading screen. He seems very eager to pick it up at launch at the end of the article after listing his conclusions.
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ShinMaster  +   554d ago
How does someone review an entire UI he had no access to?
It was a custom UI with the screen locked to the game demos.
Death  +   554d ago
Take 2 minutes and read the story. He did not review the UI. He made it very clear he was talking about the demo UI which from the sounds of it sucks. Not a big deal for anyone buying a PS4 since the actual UI is different. The authors impressions seem fairly unbiased.
andibandit  +   554d ago

Sometimes it helps to read the article first, before you tell us your opinion of it.....
finbars75  +   554d ago
It was in the store being demoed what did you expect?There not allowed to put shooters or any type of violent game on a demoed console due to the fact that there are kids around it and the ratings will prevent it from being put on it.Yes there are alot of stuff locked on it due the fact that again its just a demo.lol.There should be no more previews by anyone until launch.Demoed to actually having the full console are two different things.If he wants to talk about the DS4 thats fine but still alot of the stuff on that are locked as well. So suck it up princess and wait like everyone else.be thankful you at least had a chance to get an idea of what to expect.
mushroomwig  +   555d ago
That isn't actually the UI, you do realise that right?
RadioActiveTwinky  +   555d ago
Lol these are from the sony store demo units. Not the actual ps4 itself.
Bigpappy  +   555d ago
So what are they using to demo the games? Xbox Ones?
iceman06  +   554d ago
Think that he was pointing out what most have in the comments, the judgement on the UI is premature because the complete UI isn't present/accessible on the demo units. It's pretty much locked to a screen with a selection of demo games.
pete007  +   554d ago
no!!! ipads
NukaCola  +   555d ago

That makes me laugh at your rude comment because 90% of those Xbone titles were demoed on PCs..lol
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Death  +   554d ago

100% of demos were shown on dev kits, debug units and of course PC's that can also be used as debug units and dev kits. This is normal. You can not run unsigned code on a retail console. Early demos on pre-release consoles are not made for retail and need to be shown on debug units/dev kits/PC's. According to FCC filings Sony's PS4 debug units look identical to the retail console. When looking at earlier demo's they were not running on retail units since the software was not signed. Simply a different box doing the same thing as a PC. In case you were unaware, the uber PC's running as debug units are doing this in a shell program that emulates the console. You are not getting the full power of the PC which is unable to run the demos since they are console demos not PC.

It really isn't unusual that many people have no idea how the development process works. What is unusual is how many simply refuse to understand or believe it.
Bluemaster77  +   554d ago
except for the ones I played in real life on an actual xbox-one.
lifeisgamesok  +   554d ago
@Nukacola get real dude Xbox One games have been being played on the retail unit for months
Consoles4kidz  +   555d ago
Sounded like his experience was full of lackluster games and a crappy UI...
Unreal01  +   555d ago
I want to lick that controller.
Yo Mama  +   555d ago
This guy has no clue what he's talking about. Forget the fact that it wasn't even the real UI he was using, but he also stated that the analog sticks were taller which is wrong. Sony has stated numerous times they're actually shorter. Just goes to show how much he's paying attention. He sounds like he went into the event hoping he'd hate it.
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JackISbacK  +   554d ago
yeh we know its not a final built but still it is not away from final built its a demo and demoes dont use to be very big different from actual one ,at launch all bugs will gone ,that are of speed problems or slow loading but it still gives good look of overall ui ,but ui wass setieng when i used it it feels good especialy its theme but still not a very big change from ps3 ui.
but who knows time will tell which is a better console or on what console the games will feel best. ahh launch days are not far away .
Ashby_JC  +   554d ago
Why are you being so critical of another mans OPINION. He stated his opinion on Sonys DEMO unit.

A DEMO is to give you a taste of what to look forward to. Some things he liked...other things he didnt.

Did you even read what he said about the UI or did you just get mad and jump ahead. HE clearly said that he KNOWS that is is not the final UI and is JUST for the DEMO.

From what I read he gave a pretty clear written experience he had with Sonys DEMO for the PS4.
Pascalini  +   555d ago
Seems full of bugs according to the guy who wrote it
HugoDrax  +   555d ago
"I had the option to trade the newly acquired relic with one of the people on the friends list, who naturally all had relics from playing 'Knack."

That is so neat :-), now imagine this for other games? Like Borderlands 3? Because that is more convenient than joining a friends game, dropping your weapons, and exiting that game just to share your weapons. Pretty neat feature in my opinion.
Deltaguy  +   555d ago
the launch games for the ps4 are generic trash thank god for 3rd party saving another sony launch...
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Yo Mama  +   555d ago
Perhaps that's why Sony's first party titles are generally always considered better than the competitions first party titles? They don't rush them for launch but rather they rely on third party developers to occupy most of the launch window space in retail so they can give their first party titles the attention they need. Just a hunch.
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ZBlacktt  +   555d ago
And Titan Fall Dev's didn't receive millions to hold off on a miltiplatforum title launch? That seems to be the only game worth a damn on the X1 by looking around. The rest are like yeah ok...
Deltaguy  +   554d ago
Ryse>deadrising3>forza5& gt;peggel2>killer instinct>Knack...i'm sorry but it looks like microsoft actually tried to have a variety of games for their launch...Sonys launch titles are crap in comparison..ps4 hype all but dead after watchdogs delayed..if watch dogs was delayed at E3 the preorders would be so much lower for the ps4...at least 20% lower...
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Brix90  +   554d ago

Ok but look at the last months of the PS3 all the games that came out and what games have come out for Xbox these last months that was amazing or GOTY worthy. Nothing because MS only focus was the X1 if Sony held there titles for launch we would be looking at TLOU, Beyond Two Souls, GT6 and God of War Ascension not to mention launch games we have now and that line up alone would have put X1 first year to shame. So have fun with your X1 for the next 5 or 6 years because chance are Ms will stop supporting it to focus on the next gen if history repeats itself.
JackISbacK  +   554d ago
yeh you are right titanfall is the best game looking on xbox one so far ,but still i think that xbox exclusives are more better at this time .believe me or not killzone is not going to bring any new gameplay leaving the amzing graphics ,yeah game looks good ,but xbxo is having a title which kiils kz is ryse and they are also having titles like dead rising 3 ,forza 5 and killer instinkt which can kill every game of ps4 in terms of gameplay at launch ,i'am not complaing sony we know in futuree they will bring amzing games ,but saing that xbox games are weak or just ok is not right ,at least try them some where you will have fun ,yeah i will recoment you to try them after lauch you will feel that what amzing those games are and history does not repeats again and again ,i'am not a fanboy of either companies but i'am just telling the truth and i'am getting both consoles and i'am also happy that ms is trying to bring something new to gaing and its featur e they are realy doing so cool stuff which will make our life more simple and saying that they are not aiming good gaming is follish just look at their announsed titles their hard work is looking and i bilieve they will take it more further till the console is died like sony use to do ,yeh both consoles will bring some good gaming stuff.
Ashby_JC  +   554d ago

Did you just make that up??

I and many many others are looking forward to having fun with Titanfall and so are PS4 fans based on how many flood any Titanfall articles.

Your entitled to your opinion if you feel Titanfall is the only game worth a damn on the XB1.

I feel that Quantum Break could be a solid game. Looking forward to more details.
Ashby_JC  +   554d ago
I will have to say that the 1st party variation for launch is lacking for sure. Overall there will be plenty of games to play.
Nilbog_Juney3  +   555d ago
Have my controller... Feels so good... Can't wait for system.
Yo Mama  +   555d ago
"Tightening my belt one loop so that I don't feel hunger pains, and your sister and mother will have to do likewise. Okay, Joshua. You wanna get rough with me? You wanna show me that you don't like the choice of this house for our vacation by going on a hunger strike? Well, I'll accept the challenge. But just remember when I was your age, I really did suffer from hunger. We'll see who gets through this, but just remember I've got more practice than you. I'll see you tomorrow."
JackISbacK  +   554d ago
its realy getting too much mclovin,you are realy some piece of shit to be laughed upon.
Belking  +   554d ago
That didn't sound too promising.
Godz Kastro  +   554d ago
I thought about getting the ps4 but this list of games is just pitiful. Not to mention impression havent been what I expected after all the hype. Ill wait until a price drop with better games available.
Ashby_JC  +   554d ago
The thing about launch systems is....whn its all said and done it comes down to the GAMES!!!

Without the games ...the great games....what really do you have??

I feel the 3rd party games are what is going to carry the system early on. Im really hoping for a great experience with games like BF4. That for me is #1 on my list. Crosses fingers!
TechMech2  +   554d ago
It's funny how commenters enter articles biased. I read the news to become more enlightened about next gen systems. Sure, the guy should have realized it was a demo ui, but sometimes flaws need to be addressed and achknoledged in any piece of hardware.
Ashby_JC  +   554d ago
He did say he knew it was a DEMO UI .......

" Hopefully, this is a demo unit problem and won't be part of users' launch day or long-term PS4 experiences."

He clearly says it right here^^^^^^^^^^^
pinocchio2600  +   554d ago
calm down everyone. I'm sure you guys will have a great time playing your gaystation with dualcock 4 controller in your hand. Its funny cause it really looks like dual cocks.
JunioRS101  +   554d ago
Literally just went and got my hands on a Dualshock 4 at Gamestop about an hour ago:

The shape of the controller is much better. The triggers and back buttons and face buttons are much better.

The touchpad feels pretty good, not perfect but I wouldn't complain.

The sticks are definitely better than Dualshock 3, but definitely not as good as the Xbox 360 sticks. The DS4 sticks are too small, and the "concave" aspect of their surface isn't as deep as it needs to be. Your thumbs will still slide around a little bit, but this time at least they won't slide COMPLETELY off the sticks like they did with the DS3.

Altogether, I would still say the X360 pad is the king for competitive shooters, but the Dualshock 4 is more usable than the DS3 was.

And btw, I'm not buying an X1 or anything, so I'm not harking on the PS4 pad out of some anti-ps4 bias. In fact, I was looking forward to feeling the DS4 and I have to say I absolutely loved everything except the sticks, and that's not to say that the sticks are BAD, but they just aren't as good as I was hoping. Again, still going to be just fine for shooters.
strickers  +   554d ago
DS 4 is better than 360 pad by far.

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