Top headsets that will be compatible with the PS4

PS4Home: "As far as the top headsets which are compatible, apparently all you really need is a model which has a standard 1/8 stereo plug."

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fghtrer3fb5erg1877d ago

ive got a Sony pulse wireless stereo headset elite, i hope these work, they werent cheap.

wsoutlaw871877d ago

There going to patch in in after launch

SaveFerris1877d ago

Relieved to find out my Tritton AX 180 should work with the PS4. Hopefully the update will give more info on which headsets will be fully compatible.

Boody-Bandit1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

So it appears that the PS4 will be open ended (non proprietary hardware) just like the PS3. That means most likely any PC headset could possibly work on the PS4, along with FFB wheels (G25, G27, T500, etc) mice & keyboards, PC controllers, etc and so on.

Now I'm holding off on any upgrades until I get the PS4 in my home and start doing some testing of my own. Hopefully my Beyerdynamics MMX 300s will work on the PS4. I love that Sony doesn't try nickel and diming their consumers to death by wanting certification and license fees for peripheral compatibility like their competitors do. That gives their consumers almost infinite possibilities.

Gridloc1877d ago

I wonder if the PS Vita earbuds will be compatable for chat and sound?

DevilishSix1877d ago

Hope my AStro A30's work, that is a bad*** headset fellows.