The Witcher 3 Date Posted On Amazon Is Either A Placeholder Or The Release Date

VG247 writes: "Regardless of whether it is accurate or not, you can pre-order the game through the link – and if it is accurate, you know what to buy me for my birthday. It’s probably just a placeholder, though."

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CocoWolfie1877d ago

september 30th doesnt seem to far of a stretch :) who knows

Abriael1877d ago

Placeholder. No doubt about that.

GrilledCheeseBook1877d ago

September 30, 2014 is when fiscal year 2014 ends. It is a placeholder.

TheTwelve1877d ago

Good, because I want this game by next Summer.

stavrami1877d ago

i want this game by next week :-((

OrangePowerz1877d ago

Well obviously it`s either a placeholder or the release date, what else would it be? Ice cream?

Lon3wolf1877d ago

I was gonna point out the same thing.

mo2411877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

that would be lovely
(the ice cream part)

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