The most promising games that never saw a release

VGS: 'Part of the excitement in gaming comes from watching a game be unveiled, following its news updates and eagerly awaiting the day of release. But there are times when it never gets to that final part. Either the game is cancelled, put on hold indefinitely, or becomes ‘vaporware’ - meaning, we simply never hear from it again. Here are some games that never saw a release, but that did look rather promising.'

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Agent20091847d ago

I'm still disgruntled by Kojima's decision to cancel the original Metal Gear Solid: Rising's concept. It was absolutely ambitious: an open world stealth slasher with an ability to cut literally everything to make your way through... without enemy's notice.

I guess it was just too beautiful to happen.

Nyxus1847d ago

Yeah the idea was very cool but they just couldn't get the concept together. It's a shame but maybe they will do something with the material they have some day.

-Foxtrot1847d ago

I know right, in my opinion the game we got was horrible compared to what could of been. The Rising game we got seemed out of place for being a MGS game even despite being a spin off.

Eight Days hopefully will make it's way to the PS4 one day, the gameplay back in 2006 looked amazing. Imagine what it will look like now

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1847d ago

Rising is actually canon. LOL

Also, although it seems out of place. It was by no means a bad game. Terrible story, but gameplay was AMAZING.

-Foxtrot1847d ago

Get out...really, it's now cannon

I thought Kojima said it was a non cannon spin off...christ sake <sigh>

Dagobert1847d ago

I was seriously looking forward to Konami's MGS Rising. That was supposed to be an actual prequel to MGS4 where the storyline made sense. The new one just sucked honestly, it would have made a great Bayonetta game where gameplay is fun and storyline is just stupid.

zeal0us1847d ago

Blame the development for not being able to get the action and stealth element together.

ChipChipperson1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

The original concept for Rising definitely looked way better. It just had that swiftness and accuracy to the whole cutting mechanic. There was a certain, I suppose, elegance and finesse to the way they had Raiden move and how he fought. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Revengeance for what it was, but I was really looking forward to what Kojima Productions was going for, both gameplay wise and story wise. Who knows, maybe one day they will use concept for a new Rising game that is made by Kojima Productions or possibly a new IP from them.

Nyxus1847d ago

I agree, while I did enjoy MG Rising, the previous concept did look and sound intriguing, and I was interested in that story focusing on Raiden's transition to cyborg ninja.

Murad1847d ago

I totally agree with your statement, but now that I'm thinking about it, if he did do it, it would be very difficult in terms of programming. The reason why is because every time, let's say hypothetically, Raiden cut something, that dataStructure would have to look completely different, or disappear and be replaced, there would be far too much to necessary power to be put on different systems, I believe, unless I'm thinking of programming this game completely the wrong way.

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FullmetalAlchemist1847d ago

Trigun for the PS2, was so sad when I heard it got canceled.

ZBlacktt1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

And when I was saying this spin off game was going to do so poorly long before it came out. People just clicked disagree, lol. I know the gaming market. :cool:

Same with MGS5. People will buy it for sure. But it won't have the impact MGS4 did. More so changing out David Hayter for no real reason at all. But more for a personal one of Kojima's. Many diehards did not like that at all!

A lot of the games history died in MGS4. Now it's become just some game. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

TheDivine1847d ago

Idk I really didnt care for MGS4, it was too action focused, stealth meant nothing, the story was horrendous, along with many other things like lack of memorable boss fights. Still, MGS is as awesome to me as always. The game didnt live up to snakes last mission in my eyes but it was still a good game. The series is still amazing for sure.

I do agree axing David Hayter was a HORRIBLE thing to do. He is Snake. The series is def going more TPS and mainstream. I'm worried how Kojima will manage to keep it stealthy in an open world setting. I have my worries but Kojima has delivered time and time again so I will trust him and hope he makes me feel like a fool for doubting him lol.

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NarcolepZZZZZZ1847d ago

I thought "Huxley" would have made the list.

NarcolepZZZZZZ1847d ago

Also I want shenmue 3 dammit! I need closure!

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