Would you pay extra for a more powerful PS4?

The PlayStation 4 looks capable of producing incredible visuals and many gamers/developers agree. But with the announcement of Valve's Steam Machines, the PS4 might not be the most powerful console next generation.

Information is indicating that the Steam Machines come in tiers of Good, Better, and Best. What if the PS4 had the same type of tier model? What if the $399 PS4 was the "Good" model?

Would you be willing to pay extra for a more powerful PlayStation 4 that could play ALL games at a minimum 1080p/60 FPS? Or how about a high-end model that could play games at 4K resolution?

What is PlayStation 4 discusses the possibilities.

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Eonjay1848d ago

Well seeing as though you can pay $100 more and get a weaker system...

Benjammin251848d ago

To be honest, you would always like your console to be more powerful, but the reality is, Sony made the perfect console for the games they want to make. I mean just look at all the games running at 1080p and 60FPS. I mean, you're simply not going to get the same kind of gaming experience PS4 provides at that price point. It's a masterpiece of a console.

joab7771848d ago

True but I hab always loved the idea and figured that consoles would hav to go this direction in order to keep up and extend a life cycle. U can still make games with 3 settings like min, med, and max. Yes, I would pay $700 for a max settings ps4 that I knew could compete with pc in 3-4 yrs. And since consoles drive software creation and innovation, if this were an option everyone qould benefit.

My biggest fear is that we reach a stall much earlier in this gen's life cycle. Now, they can't sell a super powerful console for $700 b/c the economy is bad etc. But if thete were 3 choices, it would extend life cycle while also selling a lot. Its a great idea...and soon will b imperative.

amiga-man1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

One of the advantages of Console gaming is the set hardware standards the developers know what they have to work with, knowing that means that they can optomize games for that system all games will run the same on all systems.

It was one of the reasons I left PC gaming, I got tired of continually upgrading and even then finding different video cards etc would have problems with certain games, I just wanted to put a game in and play not arse about with getting it to work.

Consoles do that beautifully.

jay21848d ago

PC's outshine them! and come on you can't do this you levels..... Some people wouldn't be able to play games if they didn't have the higher range console, AND WRONG COD confirmed 60fps/1080. 4K's going to be too expensive. Steam machines are bloody computers simple as that. My nearly £2K I built in August last year and have minorly upgraded PC would most likely outshine them. You really think that people would want different specs on their console? People are going to be very confused and pissed off they're not getting there best.

Get a PC, upgrade it, enjoy your games. Games consoles can't do this it'd cause complains and problems.

Moncole1848d ago

Than we have those people listing exclusive the PC doesn't have but PC has thousands of exclusive and mods.

jay21848d ago

So true, Mods are the only things missing this gen, really.

Mikelarry1848d ago

£500 was my budget for next gen anything higher would have been a pass, i spent 445 which im glad about.

ZBlacktt1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Look how many years Sony took a loss on the PS3. Just so gamers could get the console in their homes. Sony has always given the gaming world the best products for the dollar. A cell system with a blu-ray player at a time there was no such thing? Taking a chance like that only to have it become the format war winner and drive system for both the PS4 and X1. I own all the consoles, but I know who's the industry leader with a reliable product time and time again. I still own the PS1's I got back in the mid 90's and the PS2's when they came out.

Sitdown1848d ago

Yeah, those Vita memory cards are the best product for the dollar. :-/

ZBlacktt1848d ago

Get what you pay for. Remote play, ultra handheld gaming high end device. But we both heard Sony address that cost issue this year right? Lets let them work on that and still enjoy the best there is on the market.

Hicken1848d ago

That was your best comeback?

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