Battlefield 4 EU vs. U.S. Showdown lineup announced, “Flood Zone” gameplay shoots out

Battlefield 4 EU vs. U.S. Showdown lineup announced, “Flood Zone” gameplay shoots out

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sigfredod1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Well if all europe unite U.S. will not have a chance lol
On topic this will be fun to watch

ATi_Elite1182d ago

Europe vs. USA who cares?

I'll be too busy Playing Battlefield 4 on my PC. That Flood Zone Gameplay got me hyped even more.

but on second thought USA USA USA!

TekoIie1182d ago

Airs on November first so it seems pointless to watch since most of the people in the world will have access to play the game by then.

Would be cool if it aired before the game releases to get a look at the weapons and map designs.

dcj05241181d ago

Europe VS North America would be more fair.

fghtrer3fb5erg1182d ago

Everyone read this, its about bf4 ps4 vs xboxone, it seems to be the ps4 version that looks better, not sure though.

[email protected]
@LevelCapGaming How is the BF4 ON PS4?

LevelCap [email protected]
@BIGVON869 really good. 64 players and graphics are awesome.

HH [email protected]
@LevelCapGaming Thanks ,Do you have some game play of the PS4?

LevelCap [email protected]
@BIGVON869 yes stay tuned for that. Can't post it quite yet

sigfredod1182d ago

He sounded pretty excited

sigfredod1182d ago

Shame that we need to wait to see the footage he replay Can't post it quite yet, probably until the 28th like the other one:

GamerzElite1182d ago

BF4 PS4vsXBone 3 more days!

TekoIie1182d ago

Operation Locker = Metro 2.0 confirmed :3

Based off the overview it looks like a better overall design but I bet gridlocks will still occur.

sobekflakmonkey1181d ago

at least it'll be fun for pure havok, just like metro was, you always need a noob friendly map so people can ease into things.

loulou1182d ago

lol he dont even mention xb1

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Last_Boss1181d ago

Man I can't kill my UK friends!