New Info and 66 Pictures of the PS Vita TV: UI, Remote Play, Looks on 4K TV, Power Brick And More

On October the 23rd Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia held a press event in Tokyo to formally introduce the PS Vita TV to several Japanese media outlets. The result is that today the Japanese internet lit up with tons of detailed pictures and information about the upcoming TV-based variant of the PS Vita, that will hit the shelves of the archipelago of the raising sun on November the 14th.

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HyperBear1848d ago

C'mon Sony, release this in North America Please!!!

GdaTyler1848d ago

That's inevitable. They should know already it's better suited for the West than Japan. This thing is going to sell millions, I assure you. For $95 you cannot go wrong.

Eonjay1848d ago

It literally sells itself and goes with everything (Yes, just like Guile's Theme). It would be the ultimate Stocking-Stuffer and if you have kids or teens who want to watch Netflix in their room, or play Rayman, this is a gift. Its a must have for a lot of future PS4 owners as well. It is the ultimate purchase for casuals and hardcore alike.

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MasterCornholio1848d ago

The powerbrick is like the Vitas which is pretty small.

Nexus 7 2013

Stsonic1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )


Cloudberry1848d ago

I have read the article about the Virtual Touch that L3 & R3 buttons on DualShock 3 supposedly replacing Vita's front & rear touch screen respectively, but...

How's that gonna work with any swiping the touchscreen game-play?

And could Vita TV use a regular PS Vita as a controller instead of DualShock 3?

With that set-up, I'm thinking that Vita TV & PS Vita could work like Wii U.

GdaTyler1848d ago

Yeah, people can use PS Vita as a controller. Just like that God Eater 2 TGS demo when most were playing with Vita's. So that could work. It will support DualShock 4 one day anyways.

Cloudberry1848d ago

Whoa, really?

I just have to see it my self then.

GdaTyler1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

That's the demo. See for yourself. :)

Cloudberry1848d ago


Give you a bubble+.

tubers1848d ago


The Sony clerk is holding a white DS3 for the VTV. The 3 PSV 2Ks are in multiplayer with the VTV (+ DS3).

Proof: 1st 2 seconds.

leahcim1848d ago

I want my psVITA TV soon on my hands!!!

GdaTyler1848d ago

We shouldn't have to wait that long. Hope they're mass producing this thing!

talhat21848d ago

Im getting Vita tv soon as it comes out in the U.K! cant wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.