Eragon demo now on Xbox Live Marketplace

A demo of Eragon has just been released on Marketplace (415 MB). The fantasy-adventure game is based on the novel written by Christopher Paolini, and will be released on PC, 360, PSP, DS, Xbox and Playstation 2 in November.

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Antan3981d ago

Uninspiring to say the least, next gen it aint!!

Ravenator5293981d ago

I listen to the video game jocks podcast each week. In episode 14 they talked about how they played this game at a gaming event in New York City a couple of weeks ago.

Needless to say, they thought that this game was one of the worst games that they have played in a very long time.

I think they even mentioned that there are PS2 and original XBox games that would blow this out of the water.

I'll still check it out though! I'll give any free demo a try!

THWIP3981d ago

You can't expect "next-gen" games from last-gen ports...unless you're a moron.

Yo Wassap3980d ago

Just cause didn't just come out on the 360 (you'll no doubt say that's not next gen though)

devv053981d ago

Boring demo and it looks bad. Think I'd rather choose GoW, R6 or CoD3 this month.

THAMMER13981d ago

They say it looks like crap the screen and videos I've seen look like crap as well. I'll wait until its $7.99 and in a bucket at the dollar store.

The Snake3980d ago

It's not the $7.99 I'd be worried about. It's the time I'd have to waste in order to play it.

devv053981d ago

I still wouldnt spend $7.99 on it personally..

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