Why I'm Buying A Next-Gen Console

Devoun from Twinfinite writes: "Seems like every game console release goes from the initial fervor of the announcement, to an overwhelming amount of “why do I need it?” I’ve heard it for various reasons; some have PCs, some don’t find any of the launch content compelling, and some just can not afford them. All are valid issues, but here I stand; intimidated by the complications of PC gaming and bored with the current consoles, but desperately seeking something new. Am I being irrational in wanting new consoles, or are there legitimate reasons to be enthusiastic about the coming launches?"

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Kingthrash3601850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

im going next gen day one simply because im a gamer...i always day 1 at least 1 console.
also current gen just lasted too long. im ready to move on...
...........11.15.13.......see yall on dat battlefeild
game on

cervantes991850d ago

I agree with you - plus I just want something new. Nothing like that new console smell.


StoutBEER1850d ago

Nice article man. Nice to see someone genuinely excited and not arguing. Made me even more excited for my Day One Xbox, and a little terrified. XD I could care less about Kinect. I'd like to think they will actually do cool things with it, but i'm doubtful. The feature that has me really excited since first hearing about it is the snap feature. I love the idea of it and hope it works well. I watch SeaNanners and its kind of a pain in the ass to boot up my laptop to watch his 3:00 morning upload. So to be able to put my game on hold and instantly switch to youtube watch his vid and laugh, and instantly go back to my game where I left off? That sounds amazing to me. If it works properly the idea of little to no load times between applications and games sounds amazing.

chrissx1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Why I'm buying a next-gen console..cuz its about time ! Games like KZ:SF makes this gen look over due

Mikelarry1850d ago

this would actually be the first generation i get console at launch as i could never afford one before. i am getting one because of the features the next gen offers and if the games i have seen are anything to go by, next gen will be awesome

skydragoonity1850d ago

I'm going to experience more of naughty dog, guerilla games, quantum dreams & some other top gaming developers..

ShowGun9011850d ago

ps4! day one! yay!

waste of a bubble perhaps?



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