Xbox One Exclusives Destined for the PS4

CCC Says: "With the Xbox One poised to hit North American retailers everywhere on November 22, Microsoft aims to prove that it is determined to have an even better generation than it did with the Xbox 360. After successfully putting together an impressive lineup of launch titles, Microsoft has also raised expectations by stating on numerous occasions that the Xbox One will have even more AAA exclusives than ever before."

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Angels37851847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Most likely especially with all the rumors and the fact that they can reach a larger fanbase.

AngelicIceDiamond1847d ago

Well if they do I'm not gonna wait around. I play great games as soon as I can.

And not wait around because of some sort of hate for a console.

Some can't afford another console right away.

Some legitimately wait to see if the game goes multiplat.

Some go to a friends house to play it.

I'm talking about rational reasons here not bias or hate like most do here.

ZBlacktt1847d ago

The only thing I wonder is how gamers feel. The ones that got the staff at first. In this case the PS gamers. When the Devs of Titan Fall see how well the PS4 is doing and go. Well, maybe we should put it on that system since MS only paid us so much to have it first... They do it for your money. Not that they wanted to give it to all gamers at first. The PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 and the PS4 is crushing Next gen in pre orders. They done goofed and picked the wrong side to start with.

ShowGun9011847d ago

im usually just glad to get to play the game without an extra investment of a whole new console... when mass effect came out on ps3 i finally played all three and they were awesome... didn't care that ms paid a few million to keep it exclusive for a bit, just glad to play it...

seems silly to me, invest that money in studios that will make you awesome games for your system that will be exclusives forever. long term baby LOL

ZBlacktt1847d ago

Good reply, yeah I think that kind of stuff only hurts the industry. Unless they use the money as a up front line of credit in the production. Say X from MS and zero from Sony. But I recall them saying it was the dedicated servers which made their decisions to go with MS. Which we all know is pure BS. Not sure why they would even go there, lol. Gamers are not that dumb.

NateCole1847d ago

It does hurt the franchise future sales though because competition is hard on PS with many and top notch games competing for PS gamers attention and money.

You can bet EA has severely hampered Titanfall success in the future on PS because they have left the door wide open for Watch Dogs or Destiny to take a significant hold on PS nation.

When Titan fall eventually releases on the PS4 it will find these other franchise firmly established with even harder competition than on X1.

What is even worse for EA is unlike early current gen when x360 was in the early lead this time around the PS4 will be in the lead early on and will likely keep it for the rest of this gen.

X360 time exclusive games like Mass Effect didn't suffer much because x360 had a big enough install base early on compare to the PS3. Things will be a lot different this next gen.

The fact that Titanfall preorders on the X1 is very low is really telling. For a game that is herald as the next big thing after COD it should be tracking near the top of preorders but it is not.

EA really blew their chance with this game which could have been as big as COD if they had played their cards right. Greed, shortsightedness and worse of all counting Sony out next gen. Bad move on their part.

Acti and Ubi on the other hand have played their cards very well. They understand that establishing a new high selling franchise requires establishing them on all platforms from the get go which is what they have done with AC/COD this gen and now Watch Dogs/Destiny this gen.

With what happened with Mass Effect you would think EA would know better but they have not learn anything from it.

patb1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Ofcourse they will be headed to PS4. Starting with Titanfall. It's funny how people praise the Xbox One for having all of these games starting out but don't even realize that what's going on now is exactly what happened at the start of last generation. They start out with a bang and then the next couple of years are slow with almost no exclusives to play. Microsoft still hasn't learned. Buying up timed exclusives instead of using that money to make their own games that are truly theirs.

I also don't understand how people can bash Sony and say that Microsoft has all the games based off of the launch lineups when we all know damn well that Sony will support their system with exclusive games far beyond launch just like they've done since they entered the business.

Belking1847d ago

"Buying up timed exclusives instead of using that money to make their own games that are truly theirs."

That's exactly what sony is doing with the indies. You guys actually think no money is involved. MS is doing the same thing sony did to sega back in the day. MS does have the better lineup. Anyone can see that. Just look at how people talk about games like titan fall coming to ps4. There isn't one game on ps4 that xbox-gamers are begging for. That used to be MGS but kojima is making that happen. I never thought I would see the day when MS games line up is actually better than sony's. It looks like ms has done it though.....and with driveclub being delayed it make xb1 lineup look even stronger.

patb1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Don't be foolish. It arguably has the better launch lineup but that really doesn't mean anything unless you plan on owning a console for one year max. WE all know that Sony is gonna have more exclusives and it's not even gonna be close just like this current generation. Do you know how many studios Sony has that are making games for them compared to Microsoft?

It's funny how desperate Xbox fanboy's are trying to use the launch lineup as a way say that the Xbox is superior. BTW, none of these games have been reviewed yet. For all we know they all could be crap.

ssj271847d ago

you got it wrong...

everybody knows that TITANFALL is 6 or 1 year exclusive to M$..
those where the rumors that came on early stages of the game, even before the reveal.. everybody had their eyes on what Respawn was up to since they are the makers of COD.

That is why you see Playstation fan saying it will come to the PS soon, it's a fact..

MightyNoX1847d ago

The PS4 will have a larger install base. Do people really believe EA or Capcom wouldn't want a couple more million in sales?

polow got sol1847d ago

Its starting to seem more and more like the ps4 doesn't have any must have games. Seems all the talk about ps4 games lately are what Xbox one games will come over

ZBlacktt1847d ago

It's only one game that I know of. Which is not a MS owned studio. So it's all fair game. If you've seen the messages coming out from EA lately. They want to get back to the middle and work with Sony more. That news comes from the Pres of the company.

Sony is fine, I mean we see Killzone, Infamous SS, exclusive content from AC4, Watch Dogs and Destiny. We know Naughty Dog is in the works as well. So this is nothing more then just talking.

patb1847d ago

KZ Shadow Fall will be the must own game. What exactly does the Xbox have again that's blowing people away? Titanfall? Yeah that will be coming to PS4 and honestly I really couldn't care if it didn't. Looks like a last gen game even on PC and honestly doesn't look as good as it's being hyped up imo.

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