NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Will Be Faster Than The Titan – Will Tackle The Radeon R9 290X

The GeForce GTX Titan which was launched back in February 2013 had set new heights in performance, power and price (obviously). The GeForce GTX Titan is currently the only single chip card which features a 6 GB VRAM but the enthusiast specifications come at a huge price tag of $999 US. It looks like Titan’s regime would come to an end in mid of November as NVIDIA takes the battle directly against the Radeon R9 290X with their new GTX 780 Ti graphics card.

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Pain_Killer1850d ago

Well its good to see both GPU manufacturer's engaged in price/performance competition.

SirBradders1849d ago

Maybe but what if nvidia dropped the price of the titan to less than this and then release a whole new gpu thats off the charts. Im not saying that will happen but thats what i would do.

badz1491849d ago

serious question, the Titan had a regime? an overpriced that only a handfull of fools willing to buy actually had a regime?

seriously, there wasn't a single justification enough to reason buying the Titan back then and certainly not now. Imagine just 5 months ago spent a handsome $1000 on the Titan and it's now outperformed by a GPU at half the price!

ATi_Elite1849d ago

No question Nvidia makes great GPU's but their PRICES are ridiculous.

Titan = $1000 and AMD's R9 290x pretty much beats it in most games or loses by like 2 FPS and only cost $549.

So now Nvidia wants the Crown back so they gotta pump up the GTX780 ($650) with a GTX780ti version ($750)!

Meanwhile a few Gamers got stuck paying $1000 for a GPU that gets beaten by a $549 GPU.

Just imagine the UnGodly power of R9 290x CFX ($1050) would make Titan look like a RISC Accelerator.

That's why I'm gonna wait until GDDR6 on Nvidia Maxell or AMD's GDDR6 card because going from 4 tflops to 14+ tflops is more like it and worth the money.

NYC_Gamer1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

How old is Titan though?those few gamers who bought the gpu along time ago had the benefit of having the best single gpu on the market for that period of time.

sorane1849d ago

"Meanwhile a few Gamers got stuck paying $1000 for a GPU that gets beaten by a $549 GPU." If you game on PC you're going to have to come to terms with the fact that someday your super expensive top of the line videocard is going to get beat by a card that cost $100. My 5 year old $450 videocard in my old pc is beaten by cards 1/4 the price these days. I don't feel I got "stuck" nor should anyone else. Especially in the case of the titan cards since those things are going to last for years to come.

ProjectVulcan1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Far as the article indicates the 780ti will be a performance match for the R9 290x. It'll cost about the same at $650 as the 780 will be reduced in price.

AMD clearly pushed the R9 290x reference clocks to the limit so they could try to just edge out edge out Titan. Maybe it was a PR move to claim fastest GPU, I don't know.

What I do know is that means it overclocks poorly to the tune of about 10 percent core speed typically. It also heats up like a supernova (94 degrees full stress one test I saw versus 80 for the fast Nvidia cards) as well as consuming at least 30 watts more than a Titan.

Chances are then the 780ti will overclock better and it'll definitely have much better thermals. Titan and GTX780 samples usually easily OCed 20+ percent on their core clocks. It is basically the same design so I am pretty sure 780ti will be very similar in those respects to its stablemates.

If you are going to be in the market for a top end $650 card you'll probably want to wait a couple of weeks for Nvidia's offering if nothing else to see what it has in the bag.

Rageanitus1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

The Titan has launched in FEB. Nvidia prices their cards HIGHER because they always seem to be one step ahead of the competition.

I product life cycle of a GPU is 6>8 months to the next card.

I am not saying I like the price, but there is simply a market for ppl to buy them.

It is quite clear AMD is one step behind... why they have been for a long time (ATI) producing dual GPU configs just to keep up with the competition. More GPU's mean you most likely need more wattage on your powersupply and less options to place in a smaller case.

Its unfortunate that the GPU's are quite high in price for the flagships.... but hey that is why its called a flagship. The market leader will only drop in price when the competition gets close

kB01849d ago

I can't believe you got so many agrees, it's like you know nothing of hardware upgrading and how PC gamers have to come to terms that our new hardware is only new for a couple of months at best.

The titan came SEVERAL months before this card, in a matter of 3 months Only could mean an R and D break through and reduction in nm....

So really I dont see what shocks you.

Also the maxwell cards and the ATI cards are just predictions, nothing concrete, both companies hav miss targeted serveral times in the past.

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mistertwoturbo1849d ago

Confused, how are they going to justify a Titan purchase then?

ProjectVulcan1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

People seem to forget Titan came out 5 months ago, it isn't a constant high production card that Nvidia expected to sell hundreds of thousands of like GTX760s or 770s. Initially they only said they would make around 10k, they probably made more but not loads and loads more.

They did however sell a fair few at top whack, probably made a decent profit off each card and laid claim to the throne of the fastest single card the past 5 months. AMD had absolutely no reply whatsoever- until now. So they charged whatever they felt like. When you have an untouchable product, you charge what you want. When you have competition, you have to be competitive on price.

At some point they knew full well that Titan would essentially be made obsolete by full production models that would cost a lot less.

R9 290x and 780Ti are those models.

Nobody is buying a Titan for $1000 when they can get an R9 290x and soon a 780Ti for about $650 are they?

All we'll see is any remaining unsold Titans heavily discounted and the stock vanishing off the shelves.

The GPU market is ever evolving. No card retains its value forever and no model is manufactured forever.

FlyingFoxy1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

The extra Ram is useless, as Titan showed vs the 780.. and now the 290x.

Instead of making these such expensive cards be marginally faster, why not make them MUCH faster? To put it simply there is no justifying buying a Titan/Mars like card over a top end card because they cost a lot more while giving minimal gains..

it's like having a fast car over a much more expensive slightly faster car, huge extra cost for little benefit.

Probably during the next drought of cards, we'll see a Phobos/Saturn or some other similarly named BS card from Nvidia, and will be just behind their real next cards in the series which come just 3-4 months later and be cheaper to boot. That is the time you DON'T buy their cards.

Any card you buy of those will be good enough for 60+fps @ 1080p in the latest games though.

ProjectVulcan1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Its easy for Nvidia to justify the cost of the ultra end cards because of their very nature, exclusive, ultra end.

The customer will find you. That customer is simply a very wealthy person who says they want the fastest card no matter what, and it doesn't matter how much it costs really or how long it'll be worth the $1000. As soon as something better comes out they'll just toss the old in the bin and buy the new.

People buy those 'faster' cars that cost A LOT more because of what it is. Its faster. Its a teeny bit better than the rest which is paying for exclusivity and the very best.

These customers don't care about cost, they care about kudos and prestige. Value to these people is not measured in dollars or pounds, its measured in exclusivity....

So you have a Zonda or whatever, you fiddle the engine slightly so it'll do 215mph instead of 210, paint some stripes on it and charge twice as much as the normal one. It will sell because its desireable and very exclusive. Easy money.

Same thing here.

trancefreak1849d ago

Totally agree Vulcan and I always dig your insight.
I am staying with my 680 for at least another year or so. Going to get my $$ worth now that the consoles are being upgraded, and so will the PC games.

These new games will start stressing my GTX 680 on the PC finally despite a few fair gems out there now that can push/punish my card @1080p.

I want a much bigger leap when I spend the money next time; thats is really my point. I went from a GTX 8800 (600USD) to a GTX 570HD (349USD) and off to my latest since launch the Gtx 680(499USD)

The 1 mistake I made; although there is a subtle difference; was ditching my ASUS z77 SABERTOOTH with an I7 2600k @ 4.7ghz to a ASUS SABERTOOTH Z87 Haswell 4770k which netted me @4.5ghz.

This is why I will wait and score a great deal like I did with my gtx 570. That card was a beast at the time even though it had less stream processors, RAM and cuda cores than the GTX 580 it still rocked.

Mo I am not an NVIDIA guy but I do have an ASUS NVISION 3d monitor so I don't know if it is compatible with other cards. It maybe be since there are different settings but I might be stuck.

Sometimes I like to play games in window mode @1600x900 if I am to close to my monitor. I know native is better and less taxing on the GPU but it looks more crisp to me.
I hooked my kids up with Surround monitors and it is pretty cool how they play on it. Having an extra screen to chat, be on the net etc while in game on 2-3 monitors is really bad arse.

Yes I ramble a lot I am excited for my new ps4 and new PC games to start pushing the technological boundaries farther.

mistertwoturbo1849d ago

Me on the other hand I'm changing my strategy. I'm just going to buy mid-high range cards from now on. The value is more sound and usually matches the performance of the games at that time. GTX960ti here I come.

R6ex1849d ago

"Any card you buy of those will be good enough for 60+fps @ 1080p in the latest games though."

Not true!

Even a GTX 690 can't do that. Hopefully Maxwell can.

FlyingFoxy1849d ago

it is true if you want to be above 60fps in every or almost every title at that resolution, i'm talking no dips.

ATi_Elite1849d ago

NIce Post FlyingFoxy "That is the time you DON'T buy their cards." Good Point!

and you know what a GTX690 still KILLS a Titan! Yes it's $999 but the Performance Lead is HUGE!

also I still say Nvidia Ripped off Gamers or anyone who paid $1000 for a Titan. Nvidia hyped up Titan as the Be ALl end ALL monster. Then Boom it's BEATEN and in 5 months

Yes I know eventually my $700 HD7970GE CFX set-up will eventually bite the Dust

BUT not in 5 months and surely NOT by something 45% Cheaper. Because there is NO $350 GPU that can beat my set-up and Titan owners can't say NO $540 card can't beat there set-up because there is one!

FlyingFoxy1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

The best times are when we have cards that are top for at least 2 years, that happens sometimes. I don't like tech to go stagnant but it's better that way as long as games run well enough.

The same happened to the Mars cards as with the Titan, extremely overpriced with extra memory that didn't actually help performance much. No doubt Nvidia will pull another Titan at some point, likely not until another year or 2 though. Since AMD are just bringing out their new generation cards, they should last a while before Nvidia can pull another one of these out their ass.

And when that happens, there will only be a few months wait for the next series which are much cheaper again.

TwistingWords1849d ago

You keep saying the 290x beats a Titan... Which it does in most areas, but you fail to mention that the 780 also beats the Titan in most areas.

johny51849d ago

Maxwell comes out in a few month's and will have Titan like performance cards for under $300!

There high end card will also have double the Cuda cores compared to Titan!

MidnytRain1849d ago

"Titan like performance card for under $300!"

Really? Where'd you here that?

johny51849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Well first of all they are rumors. Well founded rumors!

It makes sense since it's a new architecture plus a die shrink so double the Cuda cores from the high end Titan to GTX880/Titan 2 "GK110/GM100" just like Kepler's architecture was to Fermi!

Rageanitus1849d ago

from the internetzzz pplz. Same ppl who make consoles seem more powerful than it really is :)

R6ex1849d ago

While I don't know about the price, fact is the 290X doesn't offer any more performance than current top Nvidia GPUs i.e. no point upgrading.

I'll wait for Maxwell, in order to get the next big leap in performance. Hope to max every game at 1440p with 144fps on the next big Maxwell GPU.

FlyingFoxy1849d ago

Hoping for a lot there considering you still need a high end card @ 1080p and not even hit 60fps in Crytek's games. Well that's an exception but you get the point.

I'm hoping AMD's Mantle brings us big speed boosts, we shouldn't have powerful hardware that's held back by poor optimization.

STK0261849d ago

The way I see it, the Titan was simply a way to get people excited for the nVidia brand between two generations, which it achieved. AMD's R9 290x is very impressive, but I'll wait for Maxwell to land before choosing my next GPU.

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