10 Most Exciting Next-Gen Launch Games

Next-gen is right around the corner. Keep these 10 games in mind when purchasing your Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

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ATi_Elite1849d ago

4. Knack seems cool to play
3. Contrast has some really cool gameplay.
2. Killzone SP looks great.
1. But I wanna play Ryse Son of Rome the most.

Playing Battlefield 4 on PC

TechMech21849d ago

For me it's
1. Killzone Shadowfall
2. DeadRising 3
3. Forza 5
4. Knack
5. Zoo Tycoon

kratos_TheGoat1849d ago

Halo 5
The Order 1886
the division
forza 5 & gt6
god of war 4

Deadpoolio1849d ago

Halo isn't a launch title......It's most likely not even coming out till 2015 waaaayyyy past launch window even

HugoDrax1849d ago

So you mention Halo not being a launch title, but failed to say anything regarding..

The Order 1886,
God of War 4

I'm sensing a Sony fanboy, instead of a gamer.

kratos_TheGoat1849d ago

auric goldfinger so you telling I'm a sony fanboy while I'm getting ryse, KI, & forza 5 day 1. while before that i be playing kzsf

mdluffy1849d ago

By far the best launch title, so don't see why you act so surprised.

Deadpoolio1849d ago

Like it was gonna be Ryse or Dead Rising 3 with it's 18fps.......

gedden71849d ago

This list a kinda crappy...

Knack and Lego Marvel game.. Yikes..

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