Top 10 New Gaming IP from This Generation

This generation was full of new game titles and franchises so the staff at VGU have decided to list their ten favorite.

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gillri1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Mass Effect for me, not even Star Wars or Middle Earth has got anything on that incredible universe

CRAIG6671852d ago

Bioshock, Dead space, Borderlands, Gears of war. Lots of other greats but they are what spring to mind for me...

Venox20081852d ago

my list is different :))

no more heroes
shadows of the damned
batman arkham
dead space
wonderful 101

cant remember more now :)

gillri1852d ago

yes i forgot about Dead Space, as for Bayonetta and TLOU I think they need more than just one game to be in my top 5

Venox20081852d ago

well we are talking about new IP, not about new IP series