Diablo 3 Reaper Of Souls Mystic Detailed By Blizzard

Diablo 3's expansion Reaper of Souls will introduce a new artisan called Myriam Jahzia. This mystic, who had been axed from the base game before its launch, is able to use magic to dramatically change your equipment.

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MWong1873d ago

Man I am hoping this will be on the PS4 Diablo 3 release. From this article it doesn't look like they are developing this expansion for current gen consoles.

barb_wire1873d ago

Sure looks like it isn't coming to PS3/360.. wonder if they have other DLC planned for those consoles.

I hope some form of DLC comes out though, as I've finished D3 on the 360, all modes. Nothing to do now in the game.

ATi_Elite1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

In development for the PC MAC and PS4. The article even says this.

Diablo III only sold 900k across PS3/360 so now with PS4 coming out Blizzard will just stick to the Mac PC and PS4.

(Blizzard has got to be running thin by now with Titan MMO in full production)

barb_wire1873d ago

Is that all it sold, 900K? oh man, that's pretty pathetic.

Well, I enjoyed it for what it was.

4logpc1873d ago

Titan development team was shrunk by a crapton. They are focusing on WoW again.

Skate-AK1873d ago

I thought that number had to be too low. Then I looked at vg chartz and it's about what you said. I am surprised.

NateCole1873d ago

They are developing for the PS4 as well. I am still getting it for PC though.

Fil1011873d ago

I played the demo thinking I wouldn't think much of it boy was I wrong lol I went and got the full game the next day

stuff1873d ago

I just want a way to transfer my PS3 characters to PS4.

Mikeyy1872d ago

They really need to dump all the people they got back into the PC version of Diablo 3. The game is a disater right now, and will be until March when the AH goes bye bye, and hopefully the Xpac will land.

The PC version sold over 11 million copies. Less then 1 million still play, thats how bad it is at the moment. There is just no progression unless you Auction house your life away either flipping items tediously, or Breaking out your wallet and paying to win. Thats the only pregression this game features.

I've shunned both approaches and payed a terrible price, i'm broke and have nothing at all in the game. Nothing worth anything will ever drop. I play for a week thinking it will happen, then just quit again, for a month. rinse and repeat, get nowhere.

If you play the console version, GG gear just rains down on you, you have 500k dps in 2 weeks, and you beat the game.

Can't blizzard find any middle ground?