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Persona Director Teases Future Developments

Sony’s Play Community website recently spoke with Persona director Katsura Hashino, who teased upcoming series developments. After looking back at Persona 4: Golden, Play Community asks Hashino what he thinks is the reason that led to the success of Persona 4: Golden. (Katsura Hashino, Persona 4 Golden, PS Vita)

Snookies12  +   714d ago
"News that will most likely please all the fans."

Definitely Persona 5 being revealed next month. :]
abc1233  +   714d ago
Persona 5 PS3 and Persona 3 Vita. Please and thank you.
ShadowHarp  +   714d ago
Why? it already came out on the psp. Why not persona 5 on the vita 2?
abc1233  +   714d ago
Because it was mostly a nerfed version. At least with a vita version you'd have free-roam. Persona 5 Vita is a good shout though.
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Protagonist  +   714d ago

P3P was not a "nerfed" version, stop spreading BS!
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abc1233  +   713d ago
No free-roaming, no anime cutscenes, fewer social links, fewer personas, fewer fusion options, less weapons and it doesn't have The Answer. Aside from introducing a female protagonist, how was it not a nerfed version?
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Protagonist  +   712d ago

Free roaming does not add to the game and becomes tedious in a games that containes more than 80 hours. Navigation is easier and faster in P3P. The answer is a great add on to the game, but Persona 3 could have been without.

In Persona 3 one can´t control the party which makes the game terrible after playing P3P. The battle system takes from Persona 4

Most anime cut-scenes has been replaced frames adding the exact same thing to the game.

As a female protagonist the relationships you have with others in Persona 3's world changes with new dialogue added.

There are also new social links for friends. As the female lead, they're different. The three clubs you can join as a female are tennis, volleyball, and archery.
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Hicken  +   712d ago
Well, it was nerfed in some respects, particularly in comparison to FES. But it was also improved in many ways. Still- and this is likely due to the limitations of the PSP- it wasn't nearly as revamped as P4G was. Personally, I enjoy both versions.

As for this news, it'll definitely be Persona 5, and I can't freakin wait! To be honest, I really hope it's set in the same world as the previous two.
Rask  +   714d ago
Persona 5 for PS4 and Xbox One!
ShadowHarp  +   714d ago
Sony fans thumbed you down, so i'll add on. Persona 5 for the Wii U, 3DS, Pc, and the Vita!
fsfsxii  +   714d ago
OMGOMGOMG. I gotta keep my cool and punch Teddie more over here in P4A
Vithar  +   714d ago
persona for next gen would be awesome!
Sanquine90  +   714d ago
Persona 3 Golden for vita
Persona 5 for Ps3/PS4/Wii U

My two favorite gaming companies both can have persona. The only reason why i not included the 3ds is because of the reason that i think a new persona on a handheld has to be equal or to surpass persona 4 the golden ( In the graphical department)
BldyShdw  +   714d ago
I want to know if the new red haired guy from the new Arena game will be in 5.
Blastoise  +   714d ago
I reaaally hope P5 is on the Vita, I'd definitely buy an upgraded Persona 3 too.
Sanquine90  +   714d ago
Both! Persona 4 golden was really awesome.Every time im sad when im at the ending.
XboxFun  +   714d ago
We didn't get not one Persona (RPG) this whole gen. FOR SHAME!

Persona 5, Xbox One, PLEASE!
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Sanquine90  +   714d ago
Yeah, give the game to a fanbase who just love shooters and shooters. IF this game is going anywhere near multiplatform give it to the Wii U. However, if there are RPG fans on the Xbox one they deserve one of the best JRPG's of the generation.

Sorry for the first sarcastic sentence .

Touché XboxFun :D
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XboxFun  +   714d ago
"Yeah, give the game to a fanbase who just love shooters and shooters."

CoD is the number one game on PS3 and KZ4 is the number one pre-ordered game for the PS4. Both are shooters, pew pew pew!!!

No apologies needed, the Persona franchise deserves to be on as many platforms as possible because everyone needs to experience what great games these are.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   714d ago
Has there ever been a Persona RPG on something besides PS?

That's a serious question. I'm actually curious.
Sanquine90  +   714d ago

No, always on playstation. The SMT series most of them are now on Nintendo. I think the chance for a Persona on xbox is close to zero. Catherine ps3 sales destroyed the xbox 360 sales
abc1233  +   714d ago
Yeah, put a JRPG on a platform where it is least likely to succeed.
Hicken  +   712d ago
A console that is unlikely to have a large install base in the game's primary market(Japan).

A console whose brand fanbase(Xbox) doesn't really support things outside of shooters. Call of Duty being tops on PS3 doesn't stop non-shooters from doing far better than on 360.

The successor to a console that doesn't do well with the JRPG genre, in particular, due to the above reasons.

Yes, it makes perfect sense to allocate resources to an XB1 version...
AceofStaves  +   714d ago
P5 for PS4. Please and thank you.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   714d ago
Still need to play P4G but, I wanna w8 for PSVita TV to get to America!
Sanquine90  +   714d ago
Believe me! It will. Sony was suprised by the reaction of western gamers. And a 100 dollars is cheap as hell. However, if you can get a vita for cheap trust me it's worth it. Persona 4 , dragons crown, Ys memories of celceta :D

And if you want to invest in some learning Japanese ( I'm having private lessons in Kanji) you can import some real good stuff:D You know Compile heart stuff:D
abc1233  +   714d ago
Screw waiting, just get a vita. So many gems on that system.
dcj0524  +   714d ago
How about P5 for PS4 and a sidestory to that for VITA?
Protagonist  +   714d ago
How about the main line story for the PS Vita.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   714d ago
PERSONA 5! Make it happen.

TheLastGuardian  +   714d ago
Please be Persona 5 on PS4 and Vita.
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ShadowHarp  +   714d ago
Persona 4 Arena for the ps vita please!
Whxian  +   714d ago
just dont put it on the 3ds, i know persona doesnt usually push the console it's on, but putting it on 3ds will more than likely add restrictions to the specs of the game.
dcj0524  +   714d ago
Yeah. That would be step backwards.

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