Older AMD Processors Do Not Support Windows 8.1 (64-Bit)

Owners of computers based on AMD, issued in 2005-06., Will not be able to go on a 64-bit version of the operating system Windows 8.1, because of their lack of support CPU instructions CMPXCHG16b.

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corvusmd1698d ago

That sucks for people with computers with AMD processors from 7-8 years ago...

clouds51697d ago

It absolutely sucks for those 2 people^^

AO1JMM1698d ago

Time to upgrade then people.

wishingW3L1697d ago

but if it works well for you then it works well for you. No one should let private companies dictate what you need or what you don't.

GentlemenRUs1698d ago

Micro$oft trying to control the CPU market now I see... How sad...

Also isn't this best suited over at TechSpy?

Ravenor1697d ago

You are very deeply rooted in that bandwagon I see.

GentlemenRUs1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

I own a Intel CPU and have done for a few years but there was a time when I had a AMD CPU.

I know of a few friends with AMD CPU's but because of Micro$ofts stupid 8.1 OS... They will have to suffer with 8(minus the new features)!

Ravenor1697d ago

Of course, I know exactly how they were forced to replace Windows 7 with a gun to their head. Ballmers gangster like that.

Also if you read the article you would see that some Intel Core and Older Pentium products are also on the list. This is clearly about the instruction sets, and not the brand specifically.

Bigpappy1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I have an Athlon dual core 2.9 Ghz processor. I am running the Win 8.1 preview with zero issues. Anything older than this should stay on XP. I am running 32 bit though (3Gig of RAM).

Bigpappy1698d ago

My next PC will be a surface Pro.

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