PS4 maze-based puzzler Basement Crawl detailed

Basement Crawl, Bloober Team’s upcoming PlayStation 4 game, is a maze-based puzzler and competitive multiplayer title, the developer revealed today.

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Navick1848d ago

First I'm hearing of this game. Anyone pics or vids out in the wild? Sounds like a fun game if executed right.

Jughead34161847d ago

This game was announced back before E3. All they showed was some creepy looking clown sitting on a tricycle. Now here's a creepy looking teddybear caught in a bear trap. Interesting artwork that's for sure.

FamilyGuy1847d ago

Hmm not much detail but and wasn't on any of my "known PS4 games list". Guess I missed it at E3.

They need to show some screens.

Navick1847d ago

Yea I definitely missed this one as well. Thanks for the info.

XtraTrstrL1847d ago

They had me from the moment they said the gameplay is similar to bomberman and spy vs spy, and I've been paying attention to any news on this game ever since.