OXM UK: Fable 2 Preview - Once upon a time, there was a dark, fantasy role-playing game sequel

OXM UK writes: "Peter Molyneux has received death threats over an acorn - which is no fairy story. After talking up the ability in Fable to plant an acorn and watch it grow over many years, Molyneux received a barrage of abuse and threats from internet idiots after he failed to deliver this small feature. These days, the effervescent industry legend is still as enthusiastic and imaginative about his projects, but is more careful to talk about new features in Fable 2 and show them working in-game - including that damn acorn, which will definitely be included in his forthcoming action RPG.

A quick catch-up - Fable 2 is set in the kingdom of Albion 500 years after the first game, when the Age of Heroes is long gone. Your main player character, who can now be male or female, begins their life as a little kid in the slums, but from there, as in Fable, whether you pursue a life of good deeds or evil cackling is up to you, and your decisions have consequences for you and the entire game world."

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who would send him a death threat about being able to plant an acorn in Fable!! Peter is a legend leave him alone