Opinion: Next-Gen Is A Game Day Decision

GI - "For some gamers, this is the first major console launch they've ever been through. Even for those of us who have been gaming for long time, we've become so comfortable using the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 that we forget what it's like to not know every little detail about how these systems work. These weeks leading up to launch and the days following will be filled with little blips of excitement and disappointment, and that's part of the fun."

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mooseo211877d ago

Couldn't agree more. I read a positive xbox one article and it gives me the warm and fuzzies about my choice to pre-order the xbox one. Moments later I read a negative article or comment bashing the xbox one and my excitement turns to an uneasy feeling. I shouldn't be so easily swayed but this back and forth really begins to weigh on people who can only afford one console or the other. Which begs the question "why do I keep coming to this website every hour on the hour checking on new articles?" For that I do not know.

darthv721877d ago

you should never feel ashamed for the platform you choose. that is why its your choice. you make it based on many factors but ultimately it should be the games that appeal to you that is the real decision maker.

As for why you come to this site...its like a car crash. you cant help but look....unless you are the one in the crash.

DeadManV1877d ago

Well said, that is why i am going to buy a PS4 - this is my choice

Xsilver1877d ago

Shiiiiid as long as Sony has naughty Dog/ Santa Monica/ Media Molecule/Sucker punch/GG/QD and etc i ain't going nowhere anytime soon that's why i'm buying a PS4 and i think i will see more talented devs in the future which is good.

badboy7761877d ago Show
GryestOfBluSkies1877d ago

i think you should only worry about the games. im getting a ps4, but if youre preferences are froza, dead rising, ryse, etc, than you shouldn't let anyone influence your decision.

AlexanderNevermind1877d ago


Honestly its your hard earned money, Pick the console best for ya. For me its Ps4.

Hicken1877d ago

In the past, I would have agreed. But in the past, it never occurred to me just how much non-gaming things can affect my gaming. Of course, in the past, non-gaming things didn't have as much of an affect on gaming. Or rather, there weren't as many non-gaming things out there.

These days, there's a lot that goes into it. And who knows? Maybe it was always there, and we just didn't bother to notice. Perhaps if we had known- if we had subjected companies then to the same sort of scrutiny they get now- Sega wouldn't have failed in the console arena. Perhaps there would be no paying to play online. Perhaps DLC would have remained what it originally was: in-game unlockable content.

As a community, we gamers didn't really care about what went on behind the scenes. As long as the games kept coming, we were good. I'm certain that some of the problems we now deal with are due to that.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying that ANYTHING should take precedent over the games, per se. But I honestly think it's better for the industry as a whole if we all look at everything as having an impact on our gaming, and go from there.

McDaygo1877d ago

I wouldn't worry man, It looks like you can't go wrong with either system again. The whole PS3/360 wars were lame, these will be just as lame too. Both companies have the ability to provide a similar product if the other one shows success(like Achievement/Trophies)They practically R&D for each other. If anything, they're closer together than they have ever been.

Thehyph1877d ago

I'd go so far as to say that they NEED each other.
Competition keeps your head in the game.

GryestOfBluSkies1877d ago

i made my decision in February, and i havent had to question it even for a moment.

Ketzicorn1877d ago

Did you go Ouya?? That's one choice everyone can agree is awesome.

fullymoated1877d ago

I was 100% PS4 but X1 clawed its way back. As a shooter fan I switched to X1 for titanfall, xbox live, and xbox controller preference. Now all this talk about CoD and BF having better resolution on PS4! I will wait for OFFICIAL word on resolutions, all this speculation is getting out of control.

s8anicslayer1877d ago

I agree, and when you are an ealy adopter like us, these are the issues you must face, escpecially when you have no brand loyalty.

McScroggz1877d ago

If you don't plan on getting both fairly soon, it might be best to wait and see honestly. It would suck to choose one console only for the other to turn out the better option.

fullymoated1877d ago

Thanks for the feedback slayer & scroggz. I don't think you can really go wrong assuming the resolutions are somewhat close to parity. The new consoles are 10x the power of current gen, that is fantastic. Pick the one that has the games you enjoy. However, if the difference in resolutions is 1080p to 720p then that's a different story..

Neonridr1877d ago

I will be purchasing one of the remaining two next gen consoles sometime around late spring early summer next year. I currently own a Wii U and love it to death, but obviously the lack of 3rd party support is glaring. Not to mention there are some quality MS and Sony exclusives that I would like to try as well.

I still haven't decided which way to lean (XB1 or PS4). I will let the games do the talking for me.

Thehyph1877d ago

That's a good call.

It's good to have reviews out as well. Most launch games look pretty darn good, but some of them may just fall flat. I'm sure we've all made regrettable game purchases in the past.

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