NBA 2K14 Next Gen Preview With 2K Sports

2K Sports Jeff Thomas breaks down the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 NBA 2K14 game in this exclusive interview.

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Akuma2K1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Cool to know that 2K sports has a new game engine to work with for their games in this next gen, if NBA 2K14 is a preview of what's to come concerning their sports games it just makes you that much more excited and knowing that your gonna get a true representation of that sport with all the bells and whistles. I was hoping the guy ask about a possibility of APF 2K15, but i'm guessing we'll know by march next year concerning the upcoming football season (college and pro) as far as what game companies will be making football games.

THamm1875d ago

This guy should get much more credit than he deserves. Having fought EA most his Visual Concepts life, they couldn't kill him or VC off like they wanted to and since 2k11 he's been attacking him with a vengeance. Good for him

Akuma2K1875d ago

As long as him and the rest of the 2K sports team keep doing what they're doing make great sports games and games in general they'll be around for a long time.