Wayne Brady Gets The Wii U Party Started

Hollywood actor Wayne Brady talks about the new Nintendo Wii U Party game in this exclusive interview.

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xHeavYx1875d ago

Damn it, I was going to start work, but now I have to check those "Whose line is it anyways" videos on YouTube

dubal-e1875d ago

I like his Chappelle show skit. haha

ZeekQuattro1875d ago

I remember being blown away at the time. I mean it was so out of character for him. It was even better that I heard that he was somewhat reluctant to act the way he did in the skit.

gpturbo811875d ago

does wayne brady have to choke a bitch

ZeekQuattro1875d ago

Burger time & Double Dragon love. Nice

gamerlive1875d ago

This is the nicest guy in Hollywood.

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