Batman: Arkham Origins Puts A Hit On The PS3 Hard-Drive

TGH Writes: "Now some may consider hard-drive installs a non-issue with many upgrading but given that we are at the beginning of a new console generation and that this is the time of the year of many great AAA releases, some may have to choose which games they put on their hard-drive wisely. Especially those with lacking space."

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jc485731851d ago

I have 250GB and out of space already. deleting some game I've decided to shelve.

jc485731851d ago

they keep saying digital is the future, but we can't even fit all the games we want in our personal HDD. I mean, if I went full digital, I don't think I would have half of what I have right now (not even a quarter).

DeadManV1851d ago

I have an original 60 gig - i have to delete games constantly.

Pillsbury11851d ago

Ouch that's harsh, I had a 40gb fatty till lens crapped out. That is one of the reason I didn't get ps+ when it first came out, no room.

Deadpoolio1851d ago

Why exactly would you have a 60gb and not change the HDD? It literally takes less than 3 minutes.

DeadManV1851d ago

I would but i spend my money on games, nothing left for a new HDD

bryam19821851d ago

Jajaja we ps owners laugh at those kind.of.installs since.we can.upgraded hdd anytime we want save this sad articles for xbox owners

MestreRothN4G1851d ago

I'll spare you the clicks for this very weak "article".

Basically: "Batman Arkham Origins has a 4.7 mandatory installation. Thought you'd like to know."

cervantes991851d ago


Because 4.7GB is soooo large. Please.

Have a bubble for saving me a click :)

NukaCola1851d ago

lol, the only hit is the one this website is looking for. 4.7gb is doesn't compare to other mandatory HDD installs on consoles.

DragonKnight1851d ago

This site made a big deal out of 4.7GB? Did the author not see the size of Ni No Kuni's install? 4.7GB is like an average size. Maybe if this was MGS4 back in the day then there'd be an article, but today? Wow. +Bubbles

cervantes991851d ago

If your hard drive is full here are some options ...

Option 1: Delete some data
Option 2: Install a bigger hard drive
Option 3: It's 2013 - quit bitching (if you are the bitchy type that is).

Hard drives are faster than optical drives - why would you not want to install?

Pillsbury11851d ago

I know you are so forward thinking but do you stop to think some people still like physical media? Next gen a lot more people are going to go digital but not completely. Even if you had a 1TB and bought everything digital it will fill up very soon.

cervantes991851d ago

I always buy physical media for every game that has a retail release.

I was referring to the install size and how some people always bitch about it.

I guess I see how my comment could have been construed as a little condescending. I only meant this whole "install" issue is a little old. Installs have been on PCs for decades and this process is practically mandated for next gen (not for Sony but MS - although install improves performance so why not install it)

BLAKHOODe1851d ago

That's the cool thing about next gen, though.. you can play while you download. So, if you run out of space and have to delete something and decide that you want to play that something again later, you don't have to WAIT for it to download again.. you can just go ahead and play it.

jagstatboy1851d ago

Anyone know if we will be able to save or install game data on an external drive with the PS4?

DragonKnight1851d ago

Save yes, install not likely. That's just a small step towards pirating.

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