Halo 5 Appears in Official Xbox Magazine, according to Twitter

And yet another rumor that the next Halo game will in fact be Halo 5. According to Twitter user, MoreConsole, the following article was shown in the official Xbox Magazine.

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RashBandicoot1877d ago

I really hope it's true. Hate for the next Halo game to be another spin off...

pedrof931877d ago

The article didn't add anything new.

He asked for blood gulch, agreed.

Kuse1877d ago

omg we need Blood Gulch back...

Golden_Mud1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Looks like you're the same guy who wrote the article........

qzp1877d ago

they have a new console coming out already drumming up halo 5 hype

ATi_Elite1877d ago

That's because Halo IS the XBOX.

Halo sells consoles like no other game.

I myself am looking forward to Halo 5 so I can see the XB1 pushed to it's limits.

ambientFLIER1877d ago

Halo 5 won't push the limits as much as Halo 6 or 7 will...or whichever halo comes out at the very end of the Xbox One's life cycle.

Septic1877d ago

What's the point of your utterly useless comment? Some rumours account to drumming up hype? Gtfo.

Ripsta7th1877d ago

Didnt they leak the halo 5 logo a while back on a X1 dashboard? Anyways a next gen Halo will be amazing

spicelicka1877d ago

well it's already been confirmed to be halo 5

ATi_Elite1877d ago

Bone Thugs N Harmony!

Great Group, my all time favorite.

doctorstrange1877d ago

OPM called Puppeteer a nifty PSN title, so...

kratos_TheGoat1877d ago

halo 5 will run 1080p 60 per sec and open world ms take my money love halo series.......

Mystogan1877d ago

They already said It will be 60fps. Pretty sure it will be 1080p.

Eldyraen1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I doubt Open World. Halo has always been a mix of cooridor and small scale open areas and doubt that will change completely.

I wouldn't be too surprised if 1080p 60fps though in part because Halo looks good but gameplay, coop, etc always has been what carried it and not as heavy of focus on "pure" graphics. I still think it will look good but more Destiny than Killzone graphically (as a good next gen FPS example plus comparisons with Destiny are likely most fitting).

I would love if Halo went even bigger though. I don't think open world is exactly the answer but some larger battles, areas, etc and even bigger team battle type matches could be awesome.

kratos_TheGoat1877d ago

is talks about open world plus 64 players or more players will be lovely

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