GTA 5 Online Space Docker Car Duplication Glitch

The Space Docker is in GTA Online! Here's how to do the car duplication glitch and own the alien car from GTA 5 in GTA Online.

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dski10801006d ago

I want that car in my garage!

explicitd1006d ago

Well this Twitch channel is duplicating for Xbox 360 right now.

Bossman8801006d ago

Soon the Space Race Shall Begin!

Boss_Kowbel1006d ago

There was no "Stay on target" or "Don't get cocky" reference made during this video. I thought I knew you, John...

RedSoakedSponge1006d ago

how do you get it WITHOUT the glitch? anyone know?

Skizelli1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

I heard that someone with a modded Xbox 360 had spawned one in GTA Online, and it's been spreading like wildfire via this duplication glitch. The video's creator says it works on PS3 though, so I'm not sure what to believe. If it was in fact originally obtained by a hack, then I suggest not even touching it, as it'll likely get people banned for modifying the game.

creeping judas1006d ago

Red, you need to collect all 50 spaceship parts, and finish off that particular strangers and freaks mission. You don't really get it, you just kind of steal when the weird hippie runs off. I don't know if it doesn anything special though?

RedSoakedSponge1006d ago

@creepy judas

im talking about in multiplayer. i got this in single player weeks ago.

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