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EG:The team at Amsterdam's Guerrilla games set themselves not one, but two big challenges with Killzone Shadow Fall. The first was to make the jump to PS4 and deliver a launch game for Sony's new console. The second was to take Killzone back to the drawing board.

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cervantes991848d ago

The recent videos are really showing this title well. I have that same feeling of excitement I had for Resistance at the PS3 launch :)

ThatCanadianGuy5141848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

The biggest problem GG ever had with KZ was how they presented their stories in the games there has always been this fantastic lore and backstory going on but they've never been able to properly express through cutscenes.KZ2 was very gritty and action packed, but it sorely lacked personality or emotion, until that bit at the end with rico and visari.

KZ3 was better but they went to far with the dude bro attitude Sev had out of nowhere.And the awkwardness of seeing your character in 3rd person cinematics just felt off.

THIS however, looks to be perfect.Casual military grunt Sev is gone and replaced with the seal team 7-esque shadow marshall, and all the plausible badassness that comes with it and presented entirely through first person cinematics.

Man.This is going to be the best KZ ever.
Not sure how i'm going to juggle between this and BF4 but it's one hell of a good problem to have.

DigitalRaptor1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

I agree with all of that. Bubble for you.

I've been waiting so long for GG to capitalize on the Killzone lore and present the Helghast and their struggle as something more than just a them or us affair. Killzone 2 was steeped in atmosphere that made me believe I was on a hostile planet, and had a different feel from most shooters i've played - that's what I loved about it (as well as its multiplayer), but whilst the story was decent, it wasn't precisely what kept me playing.

It looks like Shadow Fall will be giving us that insight into the Helghast that i've always craved. Just perfect way to re-fresh the series with new hardware and a fresh set of ambitions. The multiplayer looks incredible too. Everything unlocked from the start, epic customization, and free map content.

s8anicslayer1848d ago

So as of right now, one can simply go to Amsterdam smoke as much weed as one wants, employ the services of as many female escorts (I cleaned that up a bit ;)) and play Killzone SF early. Man I wish I was a game journalist!

iLemon1848d ago

This looks amazing but I can't stand 30fps shooters.

Ashunderfire861848d ago

So what it is no big deal. As long as the gameplay is good you don't need to worry about FPS being just 30FPS. Besides this is a launch title. Launch titles are a mix of what use to be current gen leading into next gen, so these titles are an early introduction.