What’s in the Box: Sony Releases Final PS4 Spec Sheet

The PlayStation App was dated, the PS4′s 1.50 system update was detailed, and now Sony has revealed the final spec sheet for the PlayStation 4, ahead of the November 15th/29th release date for the system. - PSLS

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gaffyh1878d ago

Still no CPU speed confirmation :(

Shit almost just got real.

fghtrer3fb5erg1878d ago

Sony said theyd answer everyones questions about the ps4 next week, perhaps, theyll announce the speed of the cpu!

Jaqen_Hghar1878d ago

also no length on the cables

ATi_Elite1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

CPU is SUB 2ghz. I believe 1.8ghz

It's a laptop CPU with 8 cores so NO NEED for it to run north of 2ghz.

The GPU is a slightly gimped HD7850 but still powerfull

Sony has to do all this within 250watts. Amazing power producing only 35 degrees Celsius and running on 250 watts.

RumbleFish1878d ago

I don't care about CPU speed. This is my new BD player and my new machine for SONY exclusives.

To be honest: I started gaming on SONY hardware but now my heart beats for my PC, but the exclusives make the device and SONY will never let us down when it comes to exclusives.

PC and PS. Nothing beats this combination.

mikeslemonade1878d ago

PS4.. nothing beats owning just this system and saving money.

mistertwoturbo1878d ago

Bleh, it's not technical spec sheet, just the basics of what's in the box.

garos821878d ago

@rumble fish
agree with what you said but I would add a nintendo console to that list also

P0werVR1878d ago

PC and everything under it! Yes, I can afford it.

But what is up with this bait?! I actually took it serious, but NOTHING!

Anarki1877d ago

Roll on 29th of November. Cannot come soon enough.

Autodidactdystopia1877d ago

Operating temperature is the safe range for your room to be.

not the device core temp or anything like that.

35c is the max your room temp can be before the device will have a fit. or fail.

this is not the temperature that the core/gpu produce.

mistertwoturbo1877d ago

^Um. No.

It's the operating temperature of the console. Ambient temperature is the temperature of the room you are in.

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Angels37851878d ago

Nothing really new, but man...only 35 degrees C! That system is running VERY cool....

Perjoss1878d ago

Future is so bright, everyone at Sony gotta wear shades.

kneon1878d ago

That's the ambient room temperature, not the internal operating temperature of the system.

edgeofsins1878d ago

@ Kneon

That's why it says operating temperature?

All operating temperatures vary on ambient room temperature. But you miss what operating temperature itself is.

novcze1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

operating temperature is RANGE (5-35°C) of ambient temperature in which the system will operate normally

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thejigisup1878d ago

You is publicize, we are promote.

donman11878d ago

I am with you man... MY PS4 will be delivered to my home day one.

1OddWorld1878d ago

Good luck man. I will be picking mine up at best buy. Not taking any chances.

donman11876d ago

Now you got me worried after seeing that video 0.0
So far all my packages have arrived at my door unharmed.

hiredhelp1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Faster BD Read speeds thats good even if it is 6x
The low CPU can be made up in other ways no need worry by taken work load off to GPU witch all work together with memory as one.
Given performance withantastic next gen fidelity i never did beleave thoes devs said dont expect big jmp next gen.
Games look awsome DX11 on consoles that alone is a Jump.


Picked up a 1tb hard drive for $84 today from best buy. Regularly its 129.99, guys go get em now while they're on sale.

kingduqc1877d ago

BTW guys:

5-35C is the temperature of the room a ps4 should operate... not the processor temperature. I though that was pretty obvious but I guess people on n4g aren't really away of what i'd call tech savy.

Nothing new here, no speed or specification. Gimped 7850 with a slow 1.8 Ghz cpu is what the ps4 is. Quite impressive for 400$ (sony take a minimal lost I think) But nothing groundbreaking like the ps3 was at it's time.

7 years ago, a video card that can render games of today just like a bit better then the ps3 was about 200-220$ (8800gt, real low on the chart below) and today's gpu that match ps4 is 140$


Kinda a huge jump for a performance perspective but disappointing if you take what the console did in the past and what it does now vs the hardware at the time.

This is where ps4's gpu is for a reference to today's market. **Keeping in mind 780/titan performance is a 290x for 550$ that just released,Nvidia will do some price drops this november. So yeah high end gpus are 2-2.5 times faster then ps4 so one can think about how ps4 will scale with time. Kinda disappointed of it frankly... xbone is even worst. Looking at games on today's pc are rendered at twice of not 4 times the ps3's framerate and 8-15 times the resolution with much better textures it's kinda sad when you think of what the ps4 will look like compare to current tech in 4-5 years.

On the bring side we get to pay for online... *sigh*

black0o1877d ago

so how come the ps3 was twice that??

Angeljuice1877d ago

Well done, you manage to be both patronising and infantile in a single paragraph (quite a feat from one whom so obviously values themselves as being of greater worth and higher intellect than the average N4G user).

"I though*..t..* that was pretty obvious but I guess people on n4g aren't *really away* of what i'd call tech savy.

What you call tech savy, the rest of the world calls tech *savvy*, but. I can only guess that you mean * really aware, or* as "really away of" makes absolutely no sense and can't exist in any proper sentence.
* (sony take a minimal lost I think)* I think a loss is more likely as lost requires itself to be accompanied by another word (usually a noun or adjective) to make any sense e.g. lost lamb, lost cause, lost property.

"But nothing groundbreaking like the ps3 was *at* it's time." Should be *in*.
" xbone is even worst." Worst is the opposite of best, you need to use *worse* which is the opposite of better.
An equivalent sentence fragment to yours would be " ps4 is very good but xbone is even best"

I shall stop now;

"On the bring side we get to pay for online... *sigh*"

....You seem like a very BRING chap to me. Goodbye


WolfeandSylvia1877d ago


To clarify for you: "lost" is an adjective. What you describe as "to be accompanied by another word" is, I'm assuming, the basic grammatical property of an adjective: usually prefacing/describing a "noun".

For example:
"lost lamb" - lost (adjective) is describing the lamb (noun).
"lost cause" - adj. describing a noun.
"lost property" - again.

But, saying: " I think a loss is more likely as lost requires itself to be accompanied by another word (usually a noun or adjective) to make any sense," is incorrect.

Let's look at a few more adjectives:
-infantile - etc.

(do you see where this is headed?)

An adjective doesn't usually accompany an adjective as you would form a false syntax, e.g. "lost beautiful" - "lost buoyant" - "lost infantile".

So, before you start passing around advice about grammar, you may want take a refresher on the basics. You're just spreading ignorance layered with arrogance.


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joseph11111877d ago

I have been a gamer since Atari 2600.. Sony, make this gen movie like...Please!!!!

joseph11111877d ago

I have been a gamer since Atari 2600.. Sony, make this gen movie like...Please!!!!.....

awi59511877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Im disappointed sony talks about sound all the time and then dont put a Hdmi in on their system or a coxal out. You cant do lossless sound on optical it doesnt have the bandwith its a useless port and i wish companies would stop using it or atleast put a coxal one on it too.

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Mikelarry1878d ago

time to dive in and soak up as much of the info as i can before i explode with excitment

Mister_G1878d ago

Anyone remember Cartman pacing up and down waiting for the Wii to be released? Come on, Come on!!


Mister_G1878d ago

5 for me :( I'm in the UK.

MoonWheel1878d ago

Hang in there. Greatness will be with you before you know it.

GentlemenRUs1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Just do what I'll be doing come the 15th, Full N4G Blackout(Or extend to all gaming sites) till the 29th.

And for your sake MoonWheel, You better be right!

bloodybutcher1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

hopefully next christmas for me, right now i am unemployed and about to become homeless.just awesome.thankfully german goverment is trying to least my ps3 is waiting for me @ the house of my friend whenever i am able toget out of this sh*t.

Wedge191878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Oh the little things that get us gamers going! Come on! 3 weeks and counting!! ( for NA anyway... longer for EU...and the rest of the world...)