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Jennifer Taylor - "Entering a crypt with the Undertaker looming over you is quite is disorientating moment. I mean, I know he’s tall and scary, but in the dark that stare really pierces your very being…

But why was in a crypt with the Undertaker? Ok it was just a poster, but we were there to meet with senior game designer, Brian Williams, and get hands-on with the latest wrestling game, WWE 2K14.

We started out with a trip down memory lane in the new single player campaign mode – 30 Years of Wrestlemania. An introductory video plays as you enter the mode, synonymous of WWE-produced epicness, highlighting key events since 1985 that have made the Wrestlemania competition so electrifying. Other video footage has been added to keep hard-core fans salivating, while newcomers learn a thing or two about the history behind one of most crucial struggles to come out of wrestling."

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