APC was made since the launch of Warhawk

You can see the APC in the official trailer for Warhawk at 0:39 and 0:42. This trailer was out long before Broken Mirror was released and before the APC was thought to have been made.

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Lunch3836d ago

I don't know,maybe they decided to scrap the APC for the final game but then after launch decided to make it available as downloadable content,cause unlike Oblivion,this content isn't available on both the Retail and Online copy.

StormSoldier3836d ago

i am sure 100% bikes are coming

mikeslemonade3836d ago

I don't think they were holding the map back because it certainly would have helped sales if they could have brought it out at launch because the map is the most fun of any map so far. I only have a problem with developers talking about DLC before the damn game releases. I'm talking to you GTA4 and Microsoft.

ForTheFallen3836d ago

What else is in the early trailers that isn't in the game now..?

Hershy9993835d ago

There's a tank with a 50 cal gun at the hatch and the really big dropships.