Grand Theft Auto IV, Where To Buy? Free Goods and Midnight Launches

Everybody wants a piece of Grand Theft Auto IV, so that means retailers are offering you different incentives. Free t-shirts, posters, Xbox 360 faceplates, license plates, gift cards... with one online retailer even offering a non-bonus: an extra $10 shipping fee for the GTA IV Special Edition. See a listing of various retailers, what they are offering and links to each.

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jinn3864d ago

too late to consider buying it, pre order like i did a couple months ago

Iron Man 23864d ago

It doesn't matter when or where you buy GTA IV,just make sure to pick up the superior PLAYSTATION®3 version.


TrevorPhillips3864d ago

ohh man enough with GTA IV news this is making time go slow :) ive been waitin 4yrs for this game im never gonna get of it ull just see guys

jkhan3864d ago

I agree with you mate. Time is really moving slow now. :(
I am trying not get hyped about the game too much. I don't want to be disappointed & I am pretty sure I won't be:P

SUP3R3864d ago

I've been waiting for this info.
So now the choice is clear for me.
Tomorrow I'm canceling my pre-order with Gamestop and heading over to BestBuy for both the midnight release and the free poster.

freakyzeeky3864d ago

I have the PS3 SE pre-ordered on Amazon :)

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