IGN: Gyrostarr Preview

Introducing Gyrostarr, the company's first WiiWare game. It's a four-player compatible "sci-fi shooter" designed from the ground up for Nintendo's download service and as you'll see in IGN's exclusive video trailer, it already looks better than many retail Wii titles.

High Voltage's 3D engine procedurally generates the space track that you'll whiz through in your spaceship – or in other words, the fractal-like geometry and particle effects you see whirring around in the background are being created dynamically. The result is that the title includes 50 levels of space track in a file size smaller than 40 megabytes.

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Darkiewonder3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

This is the company that promise to have a Wii engine that will produce ps3/360 like visuals.

On another note. I think it's time for Nintendo to bring out F-zero.

Snipes203886d ago

they didn't promise PS3 visuals. The article that said that was taking IGN's interview out of context... I know I'm beating a dead horse by repeating this again, but apparently not very many people knew that IGN's words were twisted around...

DeckUKold3886d ago

This game looks very instresting.