PS4 system software update 1.50 detailed

PS Blog: "We wanted to shed some light on system software update version 1.50 for PS4, which will arrive simultaneously with the system’s official launch next month. By updating to system software version 1.50, you’ll be able to experience a variety of new features in addition to the basic functions of PS4."

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Lalanana1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I wrote this previously on a duplicated story but i need someone to answer my questions if they plz.

So this is kind of like microsoft day one patch? I am confuse..someone plz explain.

None of these things are on the consoles itselfs? or am i missing something?

@DayZ OK.

ThatCanadianGuy5141852d ago

This patch adds many features day one.

The microsoft patch is mandatory, or your console won't function.

sigfredod1852d ago

The diference Lalanana this patch is to activate some features, if you look at the list you will notice most are related to online services, instead the xbone day one patch is needed to be able to play games, if you purchase the xbone and don´t connect it to the internet will not play any game, on the ps4 if you don't connect to the internet you will be able to play your disc games offline without problem, hope this remove your confuse

Eonjay1852d ago

Also, you don't have to go online to get this patch. It will be packed in on every game.

Pogmathoin1852d ago

A good question Lalanana, I myself was not sure, but I guess that 180 they did, this was the only was to implement it. Do not know why you got so many disagrees. Thanks DayZ and Sigfredod, for the nice polite responses. Looking forward to both systems, usually on first day I just look at it, pull my entertainment system forward, swear a lot when hooking up cables in tight spaces, then go through every menu, seeing what is there..... takes a day! :)

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FamilyGuy1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

What happens if you're uploading a video in the background and something else that you want to save happens? Can it be que'd to save after the current video or will we have to wait? :/

Just something I thought up.

Damn, the day 1 patch is like everything except for playing games lol. Guess they were in a hurry to get it to us. Which I appreciate ^_^

@ MorePowerOfGreen

These features were announced in the FEBRUARY reveal. They are in no way features that were reliant on what MS did. This system has only basic functionality simply because it allowed them to ship it sooner. Games work, it's a gaming console = all they needed for day 1.

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gaffyh1852d ago

Even if you don't have internet, this patch will eventually be bundled on a game disc. At least it has been like that on PSP and PS3.

I'm a little disappointed that the suspend/resume mode is not there from the start.

FamilyGuy1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Irish, would you rather they held off on assembling the console till this version of the firmware was included and had the launch set back by months?

Biggest difference between the X1 and the PS4s day 1 patches aren't just the number of features. It's the fact that on one you can actually play your games without ever going online or downloading the patch (PS4) while on the other you can only play for 24 hours at the most before having to connect online or getting that patch becomes necessary to play your games.

I hope they both ship on all the launch game discs, or at least have those patches available to download BEFORE the systems launch, allowing us to load them via usb thumb drive or external hdd.

nix1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

i wished these features came pre-installed. as much i love all the features i know what i felt when i bought a PS3.

i took it home only to find out that i can't register online because i have to update it. i did that. took a long time because i was on slower internet. then i pop in Heavenly Sword only to find out that even that game needed a patch. it took me like 2 hours before i could finally play the game.

anyways... looks like both the xbox one and ps4 players will be upgrading their systems. but since i live in india and since we'll be getting ps4 only on 2014 hopefully we won't have to go through it again but then again i have my doubts.

gatormatt801852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

This is not surprising nor am I bothered by this day 1 patch. Simply put day 1 firmware upgrades on consoles allows the devs and engineers to simultaneously work on features while the console itself is being manufactured. Which in turn allows them to ship the console faster, meaning we can buy it sooner. I'm OK with that.

Also MorePowerOfGreen, you have no idea what you're talking about, it's as simple as that. I'm not sure why you even felt the need to comment on this. You obviously are a Sony hater. Thankfully for us you have managed to dwindle yourself down to only one bubble.

quanji1852d ago

Actually, the PlayStation blog is quite misleading. It's saying IF you update you will be able to do all those things.

If they had posted the FULL Press Release you would see that features like playing blu-ray/dvd are NOT capable without making a one-time connection to the internet.

See Joystiq for full press release. Scroll down and click "Press Release" button at bottom of page:

gaffyh1852d ago

@quanji - Interesting, maybe there's some sort of licensing issue for the codecs that need to be installed, so they need to be able to prove exactly how many people are using BD/DVD playback. You had to do a similar thing for VC-1 support (wmv) on PS3.

abzdine1852d ago

" users can use either the microphone of the Mono Head set connected to DualShock 4, or PlayStation Camera to navigate through the PS4 home screen (PlayStation Dynamic Menu) with voice commands to start up games and shutdown the system, among other features; please refer to PS4′s online manual for recognizable voice commands."
better than kinect, where you have to yell to be heard! just whisper to the DS4 and the console will recognize it! amazing

mav8051852d ago

The PS4 has been being manufactured for 2 months or more, it's logical to think that Sony was working on features and optimizations in the meantime and that those fixes aren't going to be already installed on the consoles that have been sitting on a pallet somewhere.

johndoe112111852d ago


"Perhaps they were sitting around waiting to see what MSFT was doing to copy"

Your post literally gave me a severe case of nausea. Are you serious?? Every one of those features that will be implemented by the update were announced in the reveal in February, more than a month before microsoft had their reveal.

"Sony and PlayStation have a history of broken system software that wrecks the console at worst or hinders the console on average until fixed. "

Really? please outline this "history" for us and tell us exactly how many times in history this has happened. And while you're doing that please don't forget the 360 update in 2006 that bricked xbox 360 consoles. Or the ton of other tech problems that plagued the 360's history.

You're ready to crucify the ps for it's past issues and scream bloody murder, all the while totally ignoring the most disgraceful and deceitful event in gaming hardware history called the "red ring of death"? That is Hypocrisy to the highest level.

You give fanboys a bad name. Your blatant disregard for facts in order to prove a non existent point, for a company that was ready to bend you over and shaft you in the kisser because they thought they could, is shameful.

hutness1852d ago

Why? Why are there xbox trolls in a PS4 article and nobody from those who always complain about Sony fanboys trolling xbox articles come here and complain about it? Or is it just when Sony fanboys do it?

rainslacker1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Is it possible to vote someone low enough they have no bubbles?


Tacked on? Almost all these features are one's they've had since the reveal. Sony didn't need to pull engineers to make them work, because they were always in the plan.

If anything, MS is the one tacking on features onto their system since the initial reveal. Those features being playing games like we always have, but I guess that qualifies as a feature on a game console.

I'm also pretty sure Sony has built in backups to prevent system bricking. Any computer brought in the last 5 years has this. AMD themselves who helped design the system have back up flashes for just those kind of scenarios in most of the devices they license.

koolaid2511852d ago

So the all powerful ps4 doesn't have a low power state , you can either cut it on or off until they patch it?

ChrisW1852d ago

Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch about "Day 1 Patches"...

Just to let you know, for the PC they release GPU driver updates before major game launchings, like Batman: AO. Your PC won't brick and the game will run if you don't patch, but it MAY not be as smooth.

Anyone who thinks that PS4 or XB1's "Day 1 Patches" are so mandatory that no games will run is simply trolling.

Shake_Zula1851d ago

All this is is a catch-up update. Basically, the initial spec PS4's were finished awhile ago. Those will like ship with a version 1 software base. Sony has been optimizing the software since production began until release. Same thing for the X1. It's the same reason why most games typically have a day one patch.

As far as the difference between the two consoles, it seems that the "patch" for X1's have a activation/register function that allows the console to be used. It might even be the final driver for the X1's GPU since there were reports on MS having trouble getting it to work properly,

PS4's patch seems to be completing incomplete code which in turn unlocks (rather than add) features. The funny thing is that in the PS4's case, everything that we've seen up to this point will essentially be obsolete.

I'd imagine that the first year of patches for both consoles will primarily be adding power from a driver standpoint, and making UI tweaks.

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Xsilver1852d ago

Since this a Sony system update you will probably be able to download onto a flash drive and put it on the PS4 like you can with your PS3.

Saigon1852d ago

I truly hope they do provide that option; actually I do expect them to provide that feature. Regarding the article, I see this information as positive, though I can't understand why some are confused with this message. Its a software update to a system that is not in our hands yet. I can see if these features were not available at launch but that is not the case. Sony truly did not have to say anything. they could have just updated the system. The only feature I am pissed about is the Suspend/Resume. I just hope they make this available soon.

rainslacker1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I'll keep an eye on the PS site. They post the PSP, Vita, and PS3 updates there for download on the main page. If I see it between now and launch day I'll post it for people that want to do this. Not sure if it'll meet N4G standards, but I think it would be helpful and save time come launch day if you can get it early.:)

At the bottom of the page on the right side, for those that want to keep an eye out for themselves. May have to change the us. part.

Eonjay1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

"Users with PlayStation Camera will be able to register their facial image onto their PS4 system, and login to their system using facial recognition instead of DualShock 4. Furthermore, users can use either the microphone of the Mono Head set connected to DualShock 4, or PlayStation Camera to navigate through the PS4 home screen (PlayStation Dynamic Menu) with voice commands to start up games and shutdown the system, among other features; please refer to PS4′s online manual for recognizable voice commands."

Its not even a big deal, its just there. Wow.

Xsilver1852d ago

The only thing im mad about is the Suspend/resume feature ah well once it doesn't take long for it to come in ill live. But its funny how the PS4eye does what the kinect without making it a big statement does damn im guessing their will be a tutorial vid on it since they never showed it.

cell9891852d ago

haha you can use your DS4 to do voice commands, take that Kinect, another reason Kinect is not needed lol

KwietStorm1852d ago

lol I found that kinda funny. It might be good for Sony to promote it though, since Microsoft has it fully on display in actual TV commercials. They could just say yea ours does that too, for $100 less.

Blaze9291852d ago

So literally tons of advertised features for the ps4 have to come through a day 1 patch...and Sony is somehow not rushing the launch of ps4?

Langkasuka1852d ago

It's a common setup for all software systems. A product goes into the assembly line, but the Development and QA team don't stop upgrading and fixing any bugs they might find. A patch is an add-on once a customer activates it. Like Blizzard's Starcraft 2 and Rockstar's GTA Online. It's pretty standard.

GTgamer1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Here's the thing a good majority of those features require internet connection so in the end you will have to be online for them anyway so this update isn't a big deal and here you go with this Rushed BS Smfh just because a feature isn't ready doesn't mean the hardware isn't ready same things happen with phones feature come in a little late because they aren't ready.

Ju1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Hm...and then some, no?

How was voice commands and face recognition login advertised before?

Gotta complain for the sake of complaining, I guess.

TKCMuzzer1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

How is it people don't understand how things work. The PS4 itself will have been in production for some time, since then the software team will have continued to work on the ui to get everything working to the best they can, its logical, it means the ui would have been properly tested before launch.
Or they could have just delayed the console production because of it but then of course people could have written a comment complaining about that.

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Sevir1852d ago

LORD HAVE MERCY! The trend here must be to spin something into a fallacy when there isn't one to begin with...




Please do NOT compare a Patch brought on by irate fans and policy changes that will change your preferred box from an unusable box on day one, to a patch that's simply giving the features promised since reveal. The Software was simply finalized after the FINAL HARDWARE went into production MONTHS ago!

This is no different that OEM of Phones shipping phones with operational features and releasing a firmware delivering what was promised on Day one.

Deadpoolio1852d ago

Um it's called activating them genius...Somehow I doubt adding those features would be 300mb....Again rocket scientist 300mb....300 megabytes.....Jesus you Xbots are stretching...Go be insecure about your own weak console....Enjoy downloading half your games day 1 like Forza that doesn't work without downloading half of it first....Or the console that doesn't work without downloading the OS without DRM...

KwietStorm1852d ago

Yes, LITERALLY tons. An actual measured basket of multiple TONS of features. I used to think you played the fence, but all you do now is show up in articles shining a bad light on anything PS4 related. How does anything about this mean it's rushed? See, the thing about software is it can continue to be worked on after hardware has been completed, and I'm going to assume you know the hardware was completed long ago. It's not like these are basic features for the actual kernel to operate. They are extras on top of the main event. If this is what you call rushed, what in the blue hell do you say about the competition?

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1852d ago

Blaze929 + 4h ago
So literally tons of advertised features for the ps4 have to come through a day 1 patch...and Sony is somehow not rushing the launch of ps4?

You dont have a clue what you are talking about.

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1852d ago ShowReplies(5)
Unreal011852d ago

I clicked disagree because of those silly exclamation marks.

trancefreak1852d ago

So many whiners on the playstation 4 firmware announcement. Questions such as "answer me now or I will cancel my pre order"

I am excited for this stuff. I am not getting younger, and I can appreciate what Sony is dishing on the PS4. S

Some folks need to take step back and play pong for awhile; then come back and see how far technology has evolved. Maybe their bitching would stop.

Anyways I can't freaking wait to get my KZSF on. I just whooped Radec's and Visaris arse; Then saw Helgan blow up in petrocide.

Now back to Vekta!

The_Villager1852d ago

You're excited for a day 1 patch?

lol OK.

xtremeimport1852d ago

Kinda disappointing all these features aren't included out of the box. However, It'll patch as soon as I hook it up so I can't really explain.

MiHX21852d ago

So all of the features of the PS4,Are included in a system update?

MYSTERIO3601852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

"Users can enjoy not only gaming on their PS4 system, but also Blu-ray and DVD video contents. When using for the first time, users must connect to the internet to activate this feature."" What does this mean?

rainslacker1852d ago

Means that Blu-Rays and DVD's won't play on the system until you update to the 1.5 firmware.

BBBirdistheWord1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Ok so I have read this story and it appears ALL of these features have been previously talked about and promised to day one ps4 buyers.

So, I am I missing something?

How is this an update that allows us to be "able to experience a variety of NEW FEATURES in addition to the basic functions of PS4"

As far as I can see all these 'new features' should have already been on the ps4 day one.

Does that mean the PS4 has a mandatory day one update to use all of the previously promised features?

Does this mean it requires a day one internet connection to function as advertised?

Can someone clear this up for me?
I am confused by the messages that Sony seems to be sending out to consumers.

GiggMan1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Even without an internet connection It's main function is gaming. You buy a PS4 and a game, take it home and hook it up, insert game and play. Pretty simple if you ask me.

Now Xbox One is a different story. If you don't have an internet connection you're fresh outta luck. Hopefully you live near a Starbucks, are cool with your neighbors, or smart enough not to get one.

I bought a Samsung Smart Tv with all the bells and whistles. Most people have enough sense to realize that the bells and whistles don't work without WiFi. It still works out the box just like every other device should. Once you connect it to the internet expect to download updates, big deal...

BBBirdistheWord1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

You mean on day one withoput the a mandatory internet update all I can do is play a single player game?

Tthe ps4 won't play multiplayer without a mandatory update.

It also won't play movies.

It also won't have cross game chat.. and so on.

It seems I am getting about $200 value out of the $400 purchase without the mandatory update.

Spin it how you will.

GiggMan1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

So what if it don't play multiplayer lol. If you don't have an internet connection why do you care about multiplayer and cross game chat? People with no internet connection don't really care about multiplayer and when they get connected, download the stupid patch. o_0 (That's not spin it's common sense)

I'm getting a PS4 launch and hopefully my son will be getting the X1 for Christmas. We spend Christmas at my parents with no wifi. So I either have to open it before Christmas to update the damn thing or wait until we get back home to play it. I'm going to do the first option (If I find one) so he can play with it Christmas day. That sucks but oh well.

rainslacker1852d ago

The 1.5 update will likely be on any retail disc you buy on launch day. Sony ships all games with the minimum version of the firmware required to play that game, which I assume would be the currently installed version, but launch games on the PS3 launch games had the launch day update on the disc. I know this because I didn't have the PS3 connected to the internet on launch day, but still updated to the most recent firmware.

The only feature here I might agree with you on is DVD and Blu-Ray playback. I'd imagine that would be pretty set in stone now, but perhaps when they started making the systems, the actual software to play those wasn't finalized so they put it in the patch instead.

All systems will have a day one update regardless. If MS hadn't changed any of it's policies, they would have had promised features included in the day one update. Nintendo had a day one update to enable advertised features. Vita was the same way, 360 and PS3 as well, and I wouldn't doubt that 3DS was too(didn't have one at launch).

Baka-akaB1851d ago

"It seems I am getting about $200 value out of the $400 purchase without the mandatory update. "

I just would love the explanation on your BS math , for the lolz of it .

So no dvd and bluray without the update and MP without going online and patching , translate to 200 less dollars of value ? ok then .

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2cents1852d ago

This is just the best example of hypocrisy I have witnessed.

Total double standards. A day one patch is a day one patch. Doesn't matter how you try to sugar coat it, it doesn't change the fact that both consoles have been pushed to market as fast as possible, requiring these updates to actually function as intended.

Baka-akaB1851d ago

Or any internet capable device get a launch patch , even phones and TVs, these days . No conspiracy there

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first1NFANTRY1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

so close but yet so far. this beast can't come soon enough.

edit: it's kinda pathetic to disagree with someone just cause their happy with their console of choice. whoever it was may god have mercy on your sad sad soul.

sigfredod1852d ago

seems we have a disagree fairy here, lol

MyFeetHurt1852d ago ShowReplies(2)
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Gore-Content1852d ago

Awww, day one patch :(

I know it won't be much of a hassle downloading and installing it, but still.

G20WLY1852d ago

lol, it's really no big deal. Leave to collect your PS4 from the shop 10 mins earlier. Get home, 10 mins update for tonnes of new features.

You are now playing your PS4 just as soon as you would have done, only now it's EVEN BETTER! :)

It's cooperdnizzle (below) I feel sorry for; he was so into 'driver club' that he wasn't even sure what it was called! And now he has to wait *sad troll smiley*

Gore-Content1852d ago

Also, why are these features not included from the get-go? Why do we need to download them via patch? They're not some afterthoughts from Sony but supposed to be an integral part of the system.

BBBirdistheWord1852d ago

@ gore content

Not sure why you are getting disagrees, as you are spot on.

ALL of the features of this 'feature update' were part of the marketing and promotion of the ps4. There is nothing new in there at all.

I guess the ps4 does require a day one internet connection after all.

G20WLY1852d ago

^My guess is that these are refinements to the feature set and their stability, accessibility and the like. This is normal, since production started some time ago and this could demonstrate that they've continued to enhance these features even after production started.

It's a good thing! Also, you won't have to be online to get this firmware update if you have a physical game, since it is include on the disc. :)

mushroomwig1852d ago

The PS4 has a secondary chip that deals with background downloading/installing, at least you'll still be able to do other things.