10 Most Wanted Locations/Cities For GTA 6

"Grand Theft Auto has had a series of settings, most of which we’ve revisited already. San Andreas, of course being one of them as well as Liberty City. Both of these were heavily inspired from Los Angeles and New York City respectively. While these are some great locations, we’re going to have to see more from Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto 6 to help keep gamers interested and to compete with all the other free roam, sandbox-style titles."

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xHeavYx1848d ago

I think it's time for a GTA Hawaii, it would be a beautiful game. Japan would be cool too

Kuse1848d ago

Yeah you could go swimming in the nuclear toxic waste...

MestreRothN4G1848d ago

Most wanted location? Smartphones, so they can really go on with their beloved microtransactions. :D

teedogg801848d ago

Quote from article "Frankly, I am surprised Las Vegas hasn’t been done so far." Vegas was in GTA:SA. Is this person a gamer?

Joe9131848d ago

I think if GTAO go well with microtransactions and all I think they should go with online and do what that exec said and just do all the cities on next gen that way you can have your own character and move throughout LC, VC,LS that way instead of making a new game they can just create a new city make it dlc make it GTA world lol.

gigoran1848d ago

Oh this is the 10 most wanted cities decided by THEM! Now I get it. The titles was misleading. A lot of them I would hardly think the world would be interested in. Nobody ever thought of an Australian city with their bikers and multiracial gangs? Or maybe going back to visit London? Heck in London it would be easy with not all police holding firearms. Why not take it further south of America? Have it alongside the Mexican border. The cartel would sure mix things up a bit.

But no... they want "Egypt"...

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The story is too old to be commented.