Kotaku: Tearaway Is The Best Thing I've Played On the Vita

Kotaku writes: "It’s happening, everyone. I think there's finally a game you really do need a PlayStation Vita to play and a Vita game you’re really going to need to play—at least judging by the first couple of hours I’ve played of this stunning game."

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bothebo1852d ago

Exactly what we needed to hear with only ports in the near future!

badz1491852d ago

I don't think Sony will stop producing exclusive games for the Vita although the introduction of Vita TV is somewhat worrying that we will get less games taking advantage of Vita's capabilities just to fit in the concept of Vita TV which has no touch screen, no camera, no back touch and no mic. but with Japanese gamers still big on handhelds, I think Sony and other 3rd parties will continue to push the Vita with exclusive games. I've pre-ordered my Vita TV from Japan btw and can't wait for mid November :-)

on topic, this looks promising from the get go and shall we say, that it's no use doubting as it's a Media Molecule's baby!

gunboss2011852d ago

Whereas for me, I've pre-ordered 3 games for my VITA (it all falls on November, what a month to make me spend my $$$)

YS, Injustice and This!!!

bothebo1852d ago

I'd like to hear your logic especially after Gamescom where it was obvious that Sony will devote little to not 1st party resources to the Vita.

G20WLY1852d ago

This looks beautiful and innovative - not a bad combination! ;)

MatrixxGT1852d ago

I hope so. Currently P4G has that title.

Stick891852d ago

I just recently picked up my Vita again to play some Spelunky and Ragnarok Odyssey (looking forward to Ace). Can't wait for this to come out so that I have something else to play, Vita is in some serious need of some great exclusives.

PrimeGrime1852d ago

Do people still play RO online? Kinda dropped it once SS came out, still have yet to get all trophies or finish RO.

I think I was in chapter 9.

Stick891852d ago

When I searched for rooms last night (around 12:30AM EST) I only found 3 or 4, but when I would make my own it would only take around 5 minutes tops to get someone in. I had been stuck on Mina's Gift for a long time (stupid Grendel) and the first group I got downed him in under 3 minutes. So people still play just not very hardcore, I think with the release of Ace coming up people might start getting back into it and doing more. How is SS? I just couldn't get into the demo.

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