Pokémon X & Y Patch goes live

Games Freak has released a patch that fixes the game-breaking bug which got your save file corrupted and rendered it unusable when you saved in Lumoise City, along with other fixes.

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Ripsta7th1876d ago

Now i dnt wanna download this patch in fears of it corrupting my game file which is completely fine

PrimeGrime1876d ago

No problems here yet myself either but no sense in not downloading it. I guess you could always wait and see what people say first before you do.

JohnHeatz1876d ago

So far, it has been reported that this patch is, indeed, solving any issues encountered in the retail release of the game, so I'd believe you're safe downloading it and applying it already

PlayStation_41876d ago

lol, you have to enter the eShop store to download an update for a game? wow

nintendo has no chance when it comes to their online infrastructure

Misaka_x_Touma1876d ago

cause no account system on 3DS but Wii U automatically downloads Patches when they are available the moment it up.

PlayStation_41876d ago

there should have been an account system since the 3DS launched

Misaka_x_Touma1875d ago

Nintendo doesn't rush things. They rather spend time getting things right nowadays instead rushing.

Better late and amazing than early and terrible and rush.

PlayStation_41875d ago

Sony and ms have had them forever now

InTheZoneAC1875d ago

yeah it's dumb

-no account system, meaning no multiple saves/loads from games such as pokemon and whatever other game I'll end up digitally buying that limits users

-no game sharing, because of the no account system

-no automatic patch downloading while in sleep mode or when starting a game

-unfriendly discounts on eshop for older games

the people disagreeing have no reason to defend nintendo and they're neanderthal progress with online infrastructure

I just bought a black 3DS XL for pokemon Y, will be picking up Zelda Link Between Worlds and of course I'll eventually buy donkey kong, new super mario bros, paper mario, and I also already have super mario 3d land and am enjoying this system, but a lot of the "conveniences" I'm so used to with PSN and PS+, it clearly shows how far behind Nintendo is.

JohnHeatz1875d ago

The idea in general is definitely right, but due to the quite different management there's simply no comparison point between Nintendo and Microsoft or Sony. Sure, Nintendo should build some "enhanced" system that helps gamers, but yet again, at least they're actually showing that they care and started working on this patch as soon as the first reports about the bug appeared, which is something good if you ask me

InTheZoneAC1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

@ my first post

their* neanderthal progress...

stragomccloud1875d ago

Nintendo games have generally never needed patching.

klecser1875d ago

Mario Kart 7...and that's pretty much it this Gen.

This game patched in two weeks...

Gamers will complain about anything.