Mass Effect 4: Will the Series Survive Without Shepard?

Mass Effect 4 (ME 4) is currently being developed by BioWare and very few is known about the upcoming plot and characters. What’s vastly known, however, is the fact that the previous main character, Commander Shepard, isn’t coming back. The question then arises; will the Mass Effect series be able to survive without Shepard?

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UbiquitousClam1876d ago

I'm sure it will survive and do well but the fact Shepard isn't involved any more has lowered my interest in the series a bit. And of course there's the way the last trilogy ended.

Senyra1876d ago

Yes, it won't die but the popularity and success will go down substantially.

UnHoly_One1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

For me the series died with the terrible ending of ME3.

MrPerfect8131876d ago

Of course it will survive, i just dont understand why Bioware seems so hell bent on making sure Shepard is not in the series. Seems they want to be more generic like Elder Scrolls and Fallout, which to me removes some of the emotional attachment to the series, but i will still play it.

ForgivenZombie1876d ago

I think the series will suffer for the simple fact of Bioware getting players so attached to a main character, where decisions were supposed to matter to only find out, in the end they didn't. All the endings were pretty much the same with the same empty feeling. It was a huge letdown IMO. The next ME would have to pull me into it with a really good story, but I will always be afraid of being let down again.

urwifeminder1876d ago

It will be weird playing it on a different engine to unreal 4 as the 3rd engine did the series well.

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